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  1. nope he sure didn't there was a video on Facebook of that run can't remember what page now though was a while back hahaha
  2. 13.2 is my best so close to 12's
  3. hi guys its been a while any way thought id post a couple of photos of what the lupo is currently like i bought these rondell wheels and have began to like them a lot. some people may have see them on joes lupo a while back I'm planning on replacing the clutch in the next few weeks so i will post a few pics up of the set up I'm running engine mount wise etc as a lot of people have asked me this matt
  4. if any one knows the codes ? I've got all the gear ratios on a pdf
  5. vpolo

    Help please

    don't bother with the trouble and do it properly get the loom made up worth it in the long run. trust me you can't keep costs low on a 1.8t lupo build
  6. My gti runs 282 reliable with a stock gti pump also with the oil filter use a lupos gti filter same fitting just a tiny bit stubby you would need to service more often. And also keeps a good oil pressure matt
  7. Hi everyone I'm after a pair of upper door cards with the holes for electric Windows don't mind which trim as they are in Thanks guys
  8. hi mate was going to sell the full set but i think illl be keeping them sorry
  9. can't wait to see it back on the road !!!
  10. so its been a while since i posted any real progress on this thread. over the last two months i have managed to do quite a bit i got my subframe, wish bones and arb blasted and coated with black satin powder coat also while i was there i rebutted everything with power flex bushes. I'm working on making a new up graded dog leg for the gti as there currently isn't anything on the market at the moment. rebuilt hubs with new bearings abs sensors hubs and abs rings, also gave a spare set of callipers and carriers a lick of red vht caliper paint. also rebuilt the drive shafts cv joints. finished off with a set of ferodo racing ds 2500 pads to help her stop a bit better not many people know that this mirror is a genuine vw part. i know its not carbon but its a rare lupo part so who cares rebuilt my bbs rm's that i had lying round the unit. polished my radinox lips and finished them off with red and gold badges finally got her back on four wheels today fingers crossed i should be enjoying the 20v power more on the road now to get a gti rear beam and do a similar job to that. matt
  11. awesome thank you for the votes people =]
  12. little update adaptor being made can't wait matt
  13. yes i still have it mate and i do have a thread on the mk2 but I've not updated it in a while I've been really busy with both cars loads going on with my lupo gti haha
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