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  1. Thanks joe and yeah I've put coilies on it already and vinyl wrapped the front bumper but just gonna keep it clean needs a new turbo or this one cleaned out as the vnt in the turbo is sticking causing over boost which then results in limp Mode so frustrating I miss the arosa though
  2. Chris loving the car why won't the front go down anymore?
  3. Nightmare you need a new hub if the holes knackered
  4. So my clutch pedal went all weird getting stuck when coming back up looked under the pedal and the spot welds had come away resulting in losing the use of the clutch So out came the lower dash and steering Column and my seat to get a bit more room to remove the pedal Pedal looked like this So got it out and welded it up So all sorted and driving lovely again need to sort my handbrake out and gonna put 5 mm spacers on the rear Mitch
  5. Lol it's so slow compared to the arosa I miss the turbo haha
  6. I have got it out its being welded hopefully will be fine now haha what a caffuffle though lol but loving driving my NANs punto can't drive anywhere without getting stuck haha
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