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  1. Very nice GTi!! I miss her!! But not the fuel bill! Lol
  2. Hi guys, I've searched but can find the answer I'm after!! Does anyone know the weight of KW V1 inox coilovers front and rears? I need to know as I'm sending some to a member off of here but they are at my garage and am trying to arrange a courier! Thanks in advance J
  3. How do I post in the classifieds? Can't work it out!! ?
  4. ^ head means gaskets, torques and timing tools! much harder
  5. engines are easy to fit dude, weekend job for a beginner get your mits dirty and fix the b1tch
  6. Love OEM+ Went to a meet the other night and another lad turned round to his mate and said "whats he actually done to that?" I sat there with a smile on my face! was chuffed!!
  7. Lovely little GTi matey!! Love the look of those wheels on the GTi!!! also is that a 300mm or a 280mm? just looks a tad bigger than mine!!
  8. I am chilled dude, had a very short time to get the seals. As for the seemingly obvious question, I am well aware if present that they should be replaced, I was simply asking if VW used them on the lupo. As I have not worked on a braking that used this type of connection. Thanks for the reply but a bollocking wasn't what I was after
  9. Hi Guys, Just a quick question, when replacing the front brake lines the connections that mate with the caliper appear to be the type that take a 'banjo' bolt. Does this part require copper washers each side? Only reason I ask is I dont want to strip the pipes off to fine that I need them and have no way of getting to a parts shop to get them also the torque of the banjo bolts would be mega helpful Cheers Guys
  10. Are you coming to bluewater meet on sat night?
  11. Looks amazeballs!! Stripes FTW!!
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