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Community Answers

  1. Same car really. You get more for your money what with the lack of VW badge.
  2. Good find! It's like micro machines, ace
  3. Sheeeee-it that's tidy. Loving the mini, nice work Tom.
  4. Get your camber and tracking done. Simples.
  5. 4 x 100 PCD, 57.1 mm centre bore. Old BMWs & VAG mostly.
  6. Tenner, I just want it out of my loft. Cost me 50 quid and I had to drive miles for it but it turned out I needed a steering column not a steering rack (with thanks to the dumbass guesswork of Crewe Seat )
  7. Yep they're pretty much the same car. Same paint code = same colour.
  8. As long as the springs don't fall out when they jack it up. Have you zip tied them?
  9. I have a spare power steering rack in the loft, I'm in Cheshire so not a million miles away.
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