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  1. Looks good Sucks i had to miss it
  2. looks amazing as always liam Goodluck with the shoot, hope it stays dry for ya
  3. If i find the money i'll come down and have a go with you hakan
  4. of course you can make it work, and you'll pull it off impressively you always do!
  5. yay My Photoshop help seal the deal mr H?
  6. so glad you got the feature liam, its super special its on the day that means so much to you, and your car wont disapoint! Can't wait to see it in the mag
  7. Goodjob hakan! Looks like its going ahead as we've got a few people agreeing to it on fbook already
  8. we could arrange one for 25/1/13, add me on facebook, bradley mills (picture is a honda civic) i'll create a meet on there as people dont check this thread too much
  10. http://www.flickr.com/photos/91784020@N05/8343768918/ My air filter + breather polished up after your inspiration!
  11. we'll have to arrange one! You on facebook we can arrange one as not too sure how many people come on here still!
  12. Looks good mate! Inspired by this ive started polishing my rocker cover on my golf
  13. probably jan or feb Should i arrange one for jan on fbook?
  14. mine sounds mad, gets some wierd looks lol it goes BWAAHHH TISSS blueueurererr - got followed by the police, dont think they approved!
  15. Miiiitch i now have a full straight through exhaust system sounds beast, and i win for wastegate noise! Roll on our next meet so you can hear it
  16. Looks good! Wish i'd had the patience to do it when i had them
  17. i'll do some later for ya, just remember i hate bbs
  18. looking good buddy I've recently got a mk2 td havent really done a progress thread but its white and hoping to get it somewhere as close to yours as yours is lovely
  19. haha well i've unseized all my shocks and rolling on my 13s already grounding out on speedbumps
  20. i'll be joining you in the disabled car club soon mitch hehe
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