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  1. That's awesome mate, really appreciate it
  2. Can someone do me a favour and photo shop some jaguar bbs Valencia wheel like these which are 18s. Onto these 197's Preferably in anthracite please but standard color will do Fist pic is of another car that already has 18s on for size reference Second pic is one I have of mine but with 17s on
  3. Is there actually an aim, as to be perfect honest air ride as like for like against a decent standard set up doesn't offer any real major advantages. Now of course if your aims change to say an aesthetic value then there is some big thing to compare for advantages and disadvantages
  4. Unless the engine is in the back why have the exhaust coming out of the boot ? Remember to pack extra socks and undies too then, maybe some bottled water and a big packet of aspirin, the list could be endless, just pack a bit **** I to a bag, fill the car up with fuel and set off.
  5. Remember the laws in France, you have to have correct insurance and I'm sure a hi viz top and first aid kit
  6. You are a replica wheel sellers wet dream Go find the pics of them and post it up
  7. Several members have had issues with owls in there cars, might be a first thing to check for
  8. scotty_82


    Well that would depend on the size of the compressor and the size of the tank too
  9. Weight reduction is the only option, other than changing the engine or selling up
  10. Now that is clean and tidy, he has done a cracking job. Are you aiming yours to be on the same level of tidiness
  11. How are you going to bracket the charger, are you doing it the same as Casper ? Love threads like this, well thought out request for advice. People take note, this is how it's done.
  12. Nice spot of the g40, awesome little cars.
  13. The pink wheels would be great, but there is to much pink tat on there at the moment to have both on at the same time That's my view anyway
  14. I taught Deadmetal that.......... Go forth and preach son..... Preach
  15. Your probably going to need arch work and decent stretch to get the low offset banded wheels under the arches and legal, that in itself does not make for good handling
  16. Suppose you could find he heater motor and unplug it, put a new fuse in and see if the fuse blows, if it doesn't then the cables are probably ok and you've narrowed or down to the actual heater
  17. It's going to be one of two things, a dodgy wire maybe touching chassis or the heater motor itself gone. With you not having any way of checking then you best take it to a garage
  18. Anyone want to do an ip check ?
  19. Potentially yeah, but if the **** hits the fan and you have to start merking gangsta's then your going to get propa ****ed up off anyone with clothes on thicker than a decent cotton t shirt
  20. Why do so many people with so little experience or general automotive knowledge insist on wanting to do big complex jobs and such terrible choices of base car. To me the obvious answer for more power in the same shell (if you insist on keeping it) is to change the engine to the best one you can thats the least hassle to fit, then/or if that doesn't suffice look down the route of a already charged engine or charge that one
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