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  1. Do you have any idea who to contact regarding the shipping? I have never bought anything so big in the UK before
  2. I'll take the interior for £500 if that includes shipping to Denmark
  3. BTW the car didn't pass the Danish MOT because of the taillights New Cambridge set bought on ebay today
  4. The roads in Denmark is ****, and I live outside of the city so the roads are even more shitty here but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make to look good The next step is the making of the management in the trunk
  5. Here is a little update on the airride project I got a friend to replicate the top and bottom prototype I made myself, so the strength is way better now. I hope you enjoy it and I would love to hear what you guys think //Jakob Pedersen
  6. Airride update - PSSSSSSSSSSSSST Me and a friend is making our own airride out of some bags and a coilover, here is the result of the first one And i got hold of some valves. And a little compressor
  7. I have allways thought that 17"s would be too big, but I was very surprised that they fit as well as they did
  8. The MINI alloys are 17x7", 4x100 and ET48 the center bore is 56.1mm so that was drilled up to 57,1mm.
  9. No scrub at all, but i had to add 5mm spacers to the front to prevent the wheels hitting the coilover.
  10. So I took my time to grab a few photos in the rain today
  11. I absolutely love your Lupo Do you by any chance have a picture of the bags in the back? I am building my own airride, but i'm a bit stuck on the rear because the bags I got are too big. //Jakob
  12. Yes the bags are brand new from airbagit.com and the plates are custom made.
  13. It is the smallest rubber I've ever put on wheels Here is a little sneak peak on the up coming bags
  14. BTW thats 7x17" MINI Cooper wheels with 165/35-R17 Nankang NS-1 tires
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