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  1. I can privately quote very competitive rates for brand new air-ride setups, V2 & 4 way manual. Get in touch for more info!
  2. The photos are hidden really interested in this, what mileage does it have? Pm me some details? Cheers
  3. plenty of modded cars at the show joe.
  4. just down the road from me! last year this was a great show with a great atmosphere! mostly watercooled, but if you go around the carpark after (its quite big and some interesting cars inside) theres a lot of lupo's polo's golfs etc parked up its great!
  5. borbet A's, BBS RM/RS or Oz Turbo's it'd be for me ^.^ but it's your decision
  6. you can use any coilovers springs, as long as you have a pair as some go slightly lower than others hopefully you find some! obviously, lupo or arosa rear coilover springs.
  7. Theres no trick! i bought my recaro's pre ground down slightly guys sorry for any confusion!
  8. what about some Oz Turbo's man? not cheap but incredible! or porsche teledials can be nice done properly
  9. my ideal lupo is this one, http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=88290&hl= and it's for sale so get buying!
  10. mine doesn't have lines no, just the stitching but i assume they'll come out by a just by doing your normal wash it is really sad, i'm gunna miss him! but i need to to fund my new car the 1L openair lupo's are great, never had a problem with mine and loved every minute of ownership. enjoy!
  11. my aerial was knackered on my openair lupo when i bought it ( i think the roof rubbs on it when its back and wears it down a bit!) and got one off eBay for about £6. with regards to keeping the roof clean, there is some fabric cleaner by meguires that is meant to be good, but all i've ever used is hot water just a little tip, try not to touch it with polish, else you get white marks on it
  12. so, long time no update, my Lupo is now up for sale. i have bought myself a mk5 1.9 tdi in grey 1 owner, 50k miles, 12 months mot, 3 months warranty but completely standard. chuffed for paying £5650. quite a bit but this I'm keeping for a long time. i can't get used to the mk5 forums, anyone know what the best one is?! i'll be on here a fair bit still i reckon because it's been a massive part of my life for the past year! but it's time to move on to bigger/ newer things. thanks everyone for being so great ! may even make a thread for my mk5, gunna be slow progress cause i'll be skint!
  13. Fob163

    Koop's Loops

    is 37mpg good koop?! i swear i get closer to 45mpg in my loop :|
  14. how come scotty can say this and my comment got censored
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