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  1. GTIChris

    What wheels are these?

    Mud flaps
  2. GTIChris

    Is this Hakster's ?

  3. GTIChris

    lots of fruit, help!

    Don't knock it till ya try it, said the priest to the altar boy !
  4. GTIChris

    lots of fruit, help!

    MMMmmmmmm warm apple pie
  5. GTIChris

    So it begins - Boot build

    Bummer Not too expensive I hope
  6. GTIChris

    Project Doris... Lupo SDI

    You have far too much time on your hands Looking good
  7. GTIChris

    mud flap moron

    Not taking the wee wee but you do have the front on the front and the back on the back don't you ?
  8. GTIChris

    what wheels are these please?

    Not a great deal of difference I know, maybe yours are still RX2's though, dunno ? These aren't mine but I have a set to refurb that I wouldn't mind looking like these
  9. GTIChris

    My GTI (tehe)

    This is bloomin lovely. Wish i'd bought one when I had the chance
  10. GTIChris

    what wheels are these please?

    These are RX2s but are slightly different to yours.
  11. GTIChris

    possible Lupo project

    Like the sound of the plans, hope you got plenty of moolah though
  12. GTIChris

    just brought Lupo help please but worried

    This may help http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/41812-the-definitive-gearbox-thread/page-8?hl=%2Bgearbox+%2Bthread#entry838737
  13. What alloys you got, are they worth nicking ? At least it didn't end up too bad considering the damage it could have caused, not only to you but other road users.
  14. GTIChris

    So it begins - Boot build

    Would like to see a bit of a tutorial on the arch rolling when you get round to it
  15. GTIChris


    This may help http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/76328-how-to-gti-clocks-in-a-non-gti/

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