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  1. Have you checked the fuse? Try that first.
  2. If anyone would like to make a donation to me it would be greatly appreciated and its all for a good cause. You can do it via this link. Http://mobro.co/craigdurham Thanks
  3. Is anyone taking part this year?
  4. The tyres on my teledials done that, I just let them scrub away until they didn't touch anymore ha. But this Lupo is amazing. Good work. Love the rear camber.
  5. Oscars looking as awesome as ever. Also if anyone likes facedub on facebook a picture of him has just been posted by them.
  6. Why not? Because it's snapped 4times already. For the price of a new one its worth it for £35.
  7. craigg!!


    I can guarantee if you ring seat with your chassis number you will get a price in a matter of a minutes.
  8. craigg!!


    Seat, vw, scrap yard?
  9. a lupo one would fit. I take it your fitting a centre exhaust too? If it's a not sport be aware it will sit lower than a sport exhaust due to the spare wheel well.
  10. If I remember correctly there is a little tab you pull out then a screw under there. You will need a very small screwdriver to pop it out. Hope this helps
  11. Are you just changing the springs or the shockers too?
  12. Nice photos. I only live about 20mins away from keswick.
  13. The isn't a gasket between the cam carrier and head. It's just a special liquid sealer. Costs about 50quid a tube from vw.
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