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  1. T12 AVW

    That's still me.
  2. Merry Christmas!

    Happy New Year!
  3. Petrol vs Milage debate

    Time for me to chip in... driving carefully, usually around 300 to a tank. Less with 100% town (and less careful) driving. The most I've had so far is 430 miles to a tank. (This equated to 48-49 mpg) I fill way past the click - get about 40 litres in (maybe a drop more) - only when initially driving a decent distance.
  4. Taking the centre consol apart?

    You need to take the CD player etc out first, then there are three torx screws behind - one either side, and one right at the back.
  5. 1/4 mile time??

    The last thread said 99mph at the 1/4 mile. I maintain that there's no way in hell a GTI can get to 100mph in under 15s.
  6. whack beats armageddon on the streets

    Youtube Video -> Original Video Crystal Castles Magic Spells
  7. am i screwed? been naughty.

    You can get a summons for 31 in a 30 - that doesn't mean it's likely to happen. Guidelines for a COFP (3 points / £60 automatic, no summons) stop at 50mph in a 30, so I would expect this.
  8. am i screwed? been naughty.

    The speed awareness course threshold varies from county to county - some don't even offer it, some have criteria which forbids you from it if you already have points. Different forces, different rules. If you're a new driver, then the prospect of getting three more points should worry you a lot more than having these three.
  9. whack beats armageddon on the streets

    Youtube Video -> Original Video Elbow Grounds for divorce
  10. lupo gti 1/4 mile time

    Not sure at all what he's got to gain from lying... I'm not him. He might be mistaken though. And: That doesn't sound like a race number, it sounds like the start of a reg. number. Slip please.
  11. 205/45/15s

    Polo GTIs were 195 standard iirc.
  12. lupo gti 1/4 mile time

    No - any other strip and I might believe it, but Santa Pod? I've had my GTI up there many a time, and seen lots of other standard GTIs go up there, lots with BMCs etc. in the 7 or so years I've been here. I've never seen a standard Lupo GTI or GTI with air filter only do anything better than 15.9, although I've heard of a 15.8. There's either something seriously not standard about the car or somebody is mistaken. There is no way that anyone could be 1 sec. quicker due to driving ability alone. (we're talking best times here - most are mid 16s) A question for Luke... What were you up against, and did they beat you? (If they did, then you're probably looking at the wrong time. Both cars are printed on the same slip - check the other time.)
  13. lupo gti 1/4 mile time

    That's way too quick for a standard gti with a bmc.
  14. 205/45/15s

    Yes. I use them, as do some others.
  15. Pokeee

    You won't be going to court then - they have 6 months to lay an information with the court. Waiting another 2 months to see your court date would be an abuse of process.