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CL Awards 2011 Results


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Congrats to all involved! If anyone wants their title under their name, they are more than welcome.

CL Member of the Year 2011:

Winner - Rich

Runner up - Silver!

Best Lupo GTi:

Winner - 99hjhms

Runner up - fattty

Best Lupo:

Winner - 12yan

Runner up - Mitch

Best Arosa:

Winner - emz

Runner up - Arosa Binns

One to Watch:

Winner - Kam

Runner up - LittleGreenGiant

Best Interior:

Winner - Mitch

Runner up - RobGTi

Trader of the Year 2011:

Winner - Lupoboz

Runner Up - "That guy who fixes iPhones on the side"

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Thank you everyone ! I voted for Tom (Defcon) because I genuinely believe he deserved it.

But yes, I'll happily have "more popular than Silver!" under my name. :)

Edited by Rich
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Can I have a new title Silver? :)


not picking fault... but how come not all nominations were added to the vote?

Weren't they?? I went through each post and noted all the nominations I saw?

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