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  1. Same car really. You get more for your money what with the lack of VW badge.
  2. Good find! It's like micro machines, ace
  3. Sheeeee-it that's tidy. Loving the mini, nice work Tom.
  4. Get your camber and tracking done. Simples.
  5. 4 x 100 PCD, 57.1 mm centre bore. Old BMWs & VAG mostly.
  6. Tenner, I just want it out of my loft. Cost me 50 quid and I had to drive miles for it but it turned out I needed a steering column not a steering rack (with thanks to the dumbass guesswork of Crewe Seat )
  7. Yep they're pretty much the same car. Same paint code = same colour.
  8. As long as the springs don't fall out when they jack it up. Have you zip tied them?
  9. I have a spare power steering rack in the loft, I'm in Cheshire so not a million miles away.
  10. Koop

    Tyre sizes!?!

    Lows first, then fit wheels/tyres to fill arches as much as possible. A lowered car on standard wheels looks better than a standard height car on bling rims. It's by far the best way round to do it. When you get your wheels you can test fit to see whether they poke out from the arches which will determine what tyres you need.
  11. This actually makes a lot of sense, I also not-so-cleverly bought a sport. The FSI was auto though so I'm not sure it would have sold well here.
  12. Ahhh, that makes sense. Oooh, a whole five extra horses over the Sport. But 1.8 seconds slower to 60. Hmmm. I see why we didn't get it, it seems pretty pointless. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volkswagen_Lupo
  13. Isnit. It's not a complex bit of kit. Try giving it a clean & if that doesn't sort it get a cheap un.
  14. My Sport rolled less than the S, could just be the springs though. What's the FSI? I thought that was the Sport?
  15. The bases yes but not the backs, one of the guides on here gives instructions on swapping the Recaro seat backs onto the Lupo bases, however if you can find an M7 spline bit for the passenger side you're a better man than I, in the end I gave up & just ground the bases down, it's a lot easier.
  16. What matt said, there's a little tooth where the seatbelt clip is mounted which catches on the runners, just push it back if you need to adjust the seating position.
  17. I did a guide for this, check out the how to section.
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