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Lupo 1,8t 20v conversion


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Loving the speaker/gauge pods :thumbup:

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My favourite car on here, just so well done and the little touches are awesome

Thank you! : )

If you come to sweden i´ll give you a ride and you´ll like it even more : ) I do....

Seriously, i have absolutly no regrets at all for spending the money to build this car,

It came out exactly the way I wanted it to.

So now it´s just refining it and taking care of it thats on the schedual.

And of course driving it... : )

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Looks absolutely stunning man!

You should be very proud of it :) Are you happy to drive it on the road yet or are you still tweaking it?

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Looks absolutely stunning man!

You should be very proud of it :) Are you happy to drive it on the road yet or are you still tweaking it?


There´s always some plans for it but it´s my daily driver.

I´ve started to see things that needs to be taken care of such as handling, I tought it was really nice

till I made the engine uppgrades for this season and now i´m thinking of a extra rear ARB and som adjustable rear

shocks and stiffer springs.

It´s the small things that makes perfect but i´m getting there slowly.

And then it´s the urge for more power, you get used to 250-260Hp far to quick.... Then you just need to upgrade everything

once more like bigger brakes and such...

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Awesome car and build. If my comes out half as good as yours I'll be very happy. Can't wait to get stuck in now... :)

Thank you : )

Today I got my new amplifier!

I went for the same brand as the new sub, Gladen.

It´s a 4ch class AB amp and i think it will do some good to my system.

Really nice looking and I think it will outperform my 15 year old pioneer Gm6000f : )


For those of you that doesn´t heard of Gladen it´s something i can recomend listening to,

even the cheaper series sounds awesome.


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can i just ask how much did this cost you to do

I think i´ve spent around ~4000£ on this in total including the inspection of makeing it road legal (1000£)

And then I have sold of the original 1,4 engine and gearbox for about 1800£ so........

Last winters uppgrade to S3 engine setup took me back almost 1000£ and this winter there will be some

uppgrades too.

I´m going to change the air/water intercooler setup to a large FMIC and then i´m inserting

new 550cc injectors and using E85 for fuel instead of gas.

This will hopefully get me to around 300hp and 430nm

If it dont i´m going for a bigger turbo and god knows if it will end there.... : )

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I think you'll struggle to get 300bhp from the K04. It seems to run out of puff at about 280bhp.

Time for an IHI or a GT28RS!

Dynoed one with K04 at our local tuner last week and it came out with 301whp and 420nm.

He was running Autronic SM4 and E85(ethanol) for fuel.

A large intercooler and E85 in the tank will propably get me somewhere around the 300hp mark.

And of course the AGN camshafts thats going in.... : )

I must say i do want a GT28rs but that maybe for a little later stage of my winter upgrade.

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Loving your work. :)

Regarding the mapping of the car -you mentioned a program u are using. Where did u get it from? Does it use a standard diagnostic cable like vag com?

Is there a forum?

This is something I'd like to get into.

It´s my brother who does all the programming part, maybe he knows of any forums...

And now, a little update!

All boostpipes ar manufactured and welded, even did a part in a CNC-machine, the little flange for the map-sensor..

Now its just the fun part left, reassembling all the parts : )

I´m also thinking of painting the intakemanifold in black whrinklepaint... Ithink it could look good.

This winters upgrade is´nt all about engine and power, i´m doing the front brakes too.

I´ts going to be 312mm drilled discs from Audi TT/S3 and the holders for the calipers from the same car but slightly

modified to fit the Polo Gti hubs.

The calipers comes from a Golf Gti ED35 -11.

Hoses will be same look as Golf mk4 but i think i go for steelbraided hoses.

Pads i´m not sure of yet, but for starters it´ll be ferodo SL and then i´ll probably buy a

set of Hawk HPS...

I think this will do the trick for more braking capacity in the front : )

Pictures are on its way....

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And here´s some pictures of todays work.

The intakemanifold got some wrinklepaint!


And the S3 boostpipe too...now it´s just the projekt of finding a hose for it in some other color than

salmon-pink... : )


And the brake parts from Audi TT and Gti mk6 ED35, freshly painted and nice looking.


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Time for an update again!

My brakediscs are modified and now waiting for some paint.

Intercooler and boostpipes+hoses are in place.



I got my new brake lines today, it´ll be standard Golf mk4 for now and maybe braided later on...

When the brakes are in place it´s time to get started on the new bootbuild, the subwoffer will stay the same

but im doing the other parts a bit different.

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sweet so do the tt calipers fit str8 to the lupo hubs??

wat do you need to make them fit??

last question do you have any pics off you gas pedal fitted

The TT caliper holders need to be milled down 5,5mm to move out and get over the disc.

I have Polo Gti hubs from a -01.

You just need to drill 2 holes and it´s done, i then drilled a thousand holes in mine but thats not nessesary : )

The circled part in the picture is the are that needs to be machined.


And no, i´m sorry no pics of my gas pedal fitted...

Wasn´t so hard to do really, just under and hour with the help of a bracket from a e-gas car, some welding

and some cutting...

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