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  1. Nice car 👍 Nice modifications. Sits really well too on those wheels. Roof will be brilliant this summer too (fingers crossed for another good one!) Good luck with the sale
  2. Make: VW Model: LUPO GTI MOT: YES TAX: You can buy your own 👍 Engine size: 1.8 Fuel type: Petrol Description including modifications: Hi this is my Lupo 1.8t. It has been on the road now for a nearly a year after being garaged for 6 years with a broken timing belt. The plan was always to convert it to 20v power -this finally began in March last year and took 3 months to complete. Here’s a list of work that was done:- 1.8t and 5 speed box from a mk4 Golf gti Fitted with a Ko4 turbo with injectors 285bhp map N80, N275, secondar
  3. This is still for sale if anyone else is interested.
  4. Sold on Ebay. Sorry lads you got to be quicker.
  5. Cars still on the road. It’s now a 20v.
  6. Again from my Lupo Gti. No leaks. I would recommend changing the seals and changing the oil -not essential but good practice. It comes with clutch slave cylinder, selector cables, starter motor. Also flywheel with clutch and inner cv joints (not pictured) Just reuse or source your own bolts. Would like collection only on this. Manchester M270EA 07903272886 £400
  7. I can. Its a bit bulky. Let me get a box sorted out.
  8. Never “just round the corner” are they ?
  9. This is my Lupo Gti’s old engine. The timing belt snapped on the way home from picking it up. I was traveling throughout road works in 6th at 50mph taking it quite easy when it went. I haven’t stripped it down so can’t say what it would need to get it back on the road. It’s complete apart from a few coolant hoses and the power steering pump missing. It was a good runner. No EML or misfires. Still has coil packs and throttle body. Ideal if you want to build an engine for your Lupo whilst keeping it on the road. For parts to
  10. My Gti undertray intact but has a small area of light inpact damage hence £20 collection Swinton, Manchester M27 07903272886
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