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  1. Awesome car and build. If my comes out half as good as yours I'll be very happy. Can't wait to get stuck in now...
  2. Haha no probs piers. Thanks for the heads up on the driveshafts and the wiring Norpan, I'll try and get hold of the wiring diagrams and go through them.
  3. Hit the nail on the head mate. No better sense of satisfaction than doing something yourself. Glad your engine build went well. Scott
  4. I didn't challenge him. He basically said I was cutting corners by not sending my loom off. I said I was going to give it a go myself just like Norpan did. I'm 30 years old with over 12 years of working as a mechanic, not some skint 18 year old with a dream of building a fast car with no money!
  5. Sounds good mate, thanks. I think a Quaife diff is definitely on the shopping list.
  6. I won't be cutting any corners mate. Why does the solution have to involve throwing ££££s at it? Norpan done it himself, does that mean he cut corners? As with anything on this build, I will have a go myself and if I can't do it, then I will send it away. Surely if you've a decent mechanical competency, it's a better sense of satisfaction knowing you did it yourself. Thanks Scott
  7. I read your build thread mate (very good it was too) not sure I want to spend £450 on the loom. I bet it is much easier but tbh I always do things the hard way lol. Thanks for the link tho mate and if I have to, I will use ACR. Don't suppose you or anyone can suggest the best box to use? I was gonna just get the mk4 5 speed but I hear the mk3 gti is better?
  8. I'm interested in the way Norpan done the loom, Just gotta get stuck in I suppose...
  9. Right, not sure if this is in the right bit, I'm hopefully going to be starting the conversion within the next month or so. I've got my 2002 lupo sport and after deciding wether to put a 20vt in or supercharge it, I came across a Leon Cupra and can have the full car, less the panels for next to nothing. No doubt I'll be getting most of the knowledge from this forum but without doubt, I'll get stuck lol. Only thing I'll ask at this stage is, what is the best way of doing the wiring? I'll get some pics up soon or you can check my Instagram "Ledreamboat" for all recent pics. Please feel free
  10. Hello people, I bought an 02 lupo sport about 6 months ago and have spent that time getting it on on the road. Hoping to do a conversion sometime soon. I'll let you know how it goes
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