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  1. Getting there I see fella keep it up,, well am up and running now but got 2 issues I was wondering if you could help,, my rpm stays stuck at 3k and my oil light keeps flashing and I think I have earthed it out correct
  2. nice one fella good to see ya cracking on, well ive my loom sorted now my pal came round and 2day so I should be on road new year
  3. Nuff said Mate well here goes am having a bash ???
  4. So your saying am best laying the looms side by side and adding the 1.8t loom to the polo loom plugs so it's a straight plug in situation at the fuse box yh?? So pull the wires from my polo ecu plug and add them to the t14 t10 t6 and so on and then what others are needed add them to the other plugs and dash feeds sensors and I should see power in the at correct??
  5. Mate your a blessing am going to have a bash at it this week **** it,, I've been held up for over a year on the wiring side of things but you have relaxed my mind a tad so am going to go in and have a play this week,,
  6. well I have got all the diagrams I need but am just having issues finding things like ecu switched live rpm ect how did you go about adding the 1.8t loom?? did you add it to the lupo loom by making a connecting plug to the exsisting plugs and just added the t14, t10, t6 plug wires to the lupo loom and did not remove it from the car??
  7. ya want to shine some light on the electrics mate as am in real need of firing mine up aswell am sure we can swap some tips for a small fee what do ya say????
  8. Lool I know the feeling mate am at the look stage now and have been there for about a year lool I don't want to pay out like £300+ for what is not worth that sort of money in my eyes. But yh am with you about how you have built your bay I don't mind taking the engine oh to do my belt and so on as I do it on my drive way in a hour so not fussed lool, but this weekend am going to work on that pedal as it's been pissing me off and I don't want to chop into my pearl box as its from a tdi lupo
  9. ok mate I am with you,, not judging your build skills btw but ive mounted mine with different mounts so I don't have to weld or chop anything,as for the acc pedal I might as well copy you and keep it simple cheers
  10. ok am with you mate cos i have been chasing a polo/luopo gti pedal to fit my peadal box but that means messinmg around with the loom and plug, just a quick one tho mate you did not need to chop into nthe chassis like you did they can be mounted with out any welding
  11. just a quick question mate how have you mounted the pedal?? also what about the fuse box does it not get in the way??
  12. Hi mate in need of a little help,, I would like to know what way you have routed you cooling pipes,, from the header tank and around,, would be nice if you could help cheers
  13. why does this car look so unreal looool #photofake
  14. Hey up mate just a quick question for you. What way have you run your water pipes to the header tank as i see you have kept it on the oem position if possible can you pop a few pics up if not just say the way you have done yours,,my problem is i dont want to run a long pipe from the drivers side to the header tank which is werethe oem position is for the water out let pipe is Keep the good work up aswell Bantan45
  15. Yeah i hear you on the mate but the wiring side of life is my nightmare lool i know there is only a few wires that need swapping around but i could not figure them out,, Like fuel pump realy earth and live and a few other bits if you get where am coming from
  16. mate you are a star I will call acr asap what sort of money are they talking to get it right my ecu is already decoded but beside that I like how your build is coming along mate lol
  17. Nice build mate! Just a quick question who did your loom for you as am stuck on mine at the moement , is it possible if i can get a little help off of you??
  18. MaTe would you like to shine some light on the loom side of things
  19. I ment you will need to space the fuel rail as the hight of them are different to the lupo injectors
  20. Ok norpan i see what you are saying ive just checked them out and there all high independent so thats ok but its just the length that is different but am sure you can space the fuel rail out and job done.
  21. The gear selector cables are a straight swap all you need to do is swap out the lupo one for the one from lets say mk3 golf job done. The 100mm cups are the ends on the gearbox where the driveshafts bolt up to,most mk3 golfs and 16v mk2 came with them so if there what are on you gearbox and driveshafts basicly just swap the inner c.v's over and thats it for the shafts
  22. Am sure they do fit,,they are the same type as what are in the polo afh 16v so am sure the lupo 16v engine runs same type ov injector
  23. Ok i see were you are coming from defo wont fit with the webbers they stick out to far so somthing shorter like itb's wud do or put the oem 16v inlet on and run it efi gearbox,,,020 will not fit the 5th gear end sticks out to far into the chassis rail so 02a or 02j is the box you defo need cable conversion is a no no if you have a gti just run it on hydraulis and save ya self the messing about shafts,,all you need to do is shorten thepassanger side and add 100mm cups to the shafts and away you go jobs done
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