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  1. Early models is the white thermostatic valve. Newer ones is the black one.
  2. Skezza

    Dead SDi

    Did you try with a couple of jump cables attached. Clean the battery terminals as well.
  3. Probably. Shame really. Miles too far gone.
  4. Let me guess.... Bent accelerator pedal?
  5. I spent 80 odd thousand miles in mine (bought with 90k, sold with 172k) and I wouldn't change those miles/memories for the world. Yes it was slow.... yes it was irritatingly agricultural, but it was so disgustingly reliable that every time I've had a problem with a car since, BMW, Audi, etc, I've thought "uhh, never had this with the SDI". Was a great car and I probably got it wrong selling it when I did really, but we live and learn.
  6. The Lupo will always be that to most people. Cracking little run arounds
  7. I am personally with Rich and mk2 in that the pedal boxes don't always go, plus many have already been welded or replaced. Nonetheless, respect for the fact you are maintaining it like a brand new car rather than some of the shitboxes you see knocking about second hand on eBay and Gumtree.
  8. If nobody has taken these, I'll have them :)
  9. I lazily conflate rebuilding partitions with a low level partition. I know the historical significance of low level formats on spinning disks although I don't think we do them anymore.
  10. Skezza

    1.4 Turbo Kit

    You'd be mental to turbo a 1.4 16v, with the benefit of hindsight.
  11. You don't have one currently? Buy all three second hand. One will work. Sell the rest.
  12. You need the same remote as yours, and that's where it's tricky because there are 315mhz, 433mhz ones and 432mhz ones However they are used on multiple cars. I got mine from a Skoda Fabia for 8 quid.
  13. It might have been less. I've not owned my SDI since 2016 and the pedal box went in about 2014.
  14. Which is the best thing they are for. As soon as you dump your car, the ride turns to garbage and it usually handles worse.
  15. Skezza

    SDI straight pipe

    I had one. Made the car sound utterly awful.
  16. the film windscreen ones aren't THAT bad.
  17. pc2-69-4 from ebay, halfrauds, amazon etc. off you pop.
  18. Is your odometer low or high, you should really get it fixed.
  19. You'd need the corresponding ECU as well right, or something like a megasquirt? The SDI ECU is an older iteration of the software.
  20. I posted my pedal box a few years back when I replaced it. It was hanging on for grim life by the time I removed it. It's a weak seam weld that goes. Rich is right you can repair it. I personally didn't trust myself to weld it properly (it's something I've never learnt, sadly). I can vouch for the new part but it's expensive. I think I paid £90 for mine? You can find them on eBay occasionally for cheap though.
  21. This is correct. You can swap the clocks. They are modular.
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