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  1. As in, you'll sand it down, remove corrosion, fill, spray.
  2. You'd be better going aftermarket for both those features.
  3. Yes. As in filled with either weld and sanded or if pikey then isopon.
  4. Tried eBay? Wrecker yards etc? Last roll of the dice is getting them filled and painted.
  5. Very nice car. Price is probably about right considering the low mileage. You've got a potential 10 years left in this cars 'normal' lifetime. I think if I was looking for something new...... It'd be this.
  6. Novelty factor? It's got all the hallmarks of a great buy though. No Logbook, the MOT run out on January 7th.......... 2021 and it hasn't been taxed since 2020. It runs and drives really well for a car that's covered in weird dog hair apparently. Someone find my cheque book.
  7. He's also selling this pile of **** https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vw-lupo/125089123586
  8. I didn't realize you can buy e5?
  9. OEM for sure. Halfrauds cheapo speakers are not a patch on them.
  10. Well I'd start with the EML mate. It's telling you something.
  11. Any EML? You taken it for an Italian tuneup lately? Serviced recently?
  12. Skezza


    Blending isn't exactly rocket science. 90% of the work involves getting the surface truly flat, prepping (rinse and repeat) and sourcing the right paint shade which is getting harder for old VW's. If you get those things right then it's just about effort with various levels of sandpaper. You'll never get a perfect body shop paint job here, but you're talking, what a 1.0 perhaps? It isn't worth spunking money on and is worth learning a skill that could be useful in the future. OR, as others have sensibly suggested, put the strips back on.
  13. Skezza


    You'll never get it perfect but with the right combination of sanding and perhaps filler + necessary paint and lacquer of course, you could do a very decent job. Great learning exercise.
  14. Skezza


    You could blend that fairly easily I reckon.
  15. Mileage is stored on the eeprom in the clocks. It's not a massively complicated job to fix the mileage but you need to, at least, know what you're doing. They are brickable. @mk2 you do indeed!!
  16. Yes. Totally plug and play. Expect your mileage to be incorrect though.
  17. I'm sure Rich has talked about this mod. If doable, it would be interesting to see what economy is achievable.
  18. I would love a 3L but I think RAB sums it up. There's a lack of knowledge in the UK about them. You'll need to be very capable of 3L maintenance, whereas a plain jane TDI/SDI is more like your typical car.
  19. Odd combination. Most people who have done such a swap go for a 1.4 gearbox in a 1.0.
  20. No, just reproduced it on my phone though: https://clublupo.co.uk is being redirected to AMG via an SSL man in the middle attack/redirect. http://clublupo.co.uk is redirecting to clublupo site as expected.
  21. I think you need to price it accordingly then otherwise it won't sell.
  22. My suggestion would be find the time to sort that window issue and you have a perfect car for someone. Words like "easy fix" don't stretch very far if you're an 18 year old who has never so much as done your own oil change. Price is right, if work is done.
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