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  1. Skezza

    Hi 👋👋

  2. Skezza

    Hi 👋👋

    I've never seen eyelashes on a Lupo. I figured they were reserved for Mini Coopers and FIAT 500's?
  3. Skezza

    How Low Can You Go???

    You're aware this thread is rapidly approaching 8 years old?
  4. Skezza

    slammed lupo

    Can easily check with a phone these days.
  5. Skezza

    EML and EPC lights on.

    My first hunch is crank sensor. Clean the codes and run again.... see what returns. Please don't use ****ing easy start.
  6. Skezza

    slammed lupo

    Good way you can reduce the risk of ripping your sump off is by increasing the ride height a bit.... it even increases the overall practicality of the car a little. Nah, stupid idea.
  7. That's a fair effort. How quickly can you do it? Took me a few hours. Easier on the Polo 9N2 isn't it, just crawl into the floor space and weld up.
  8. Skezza

    Red Lupo GTI for sale

    Where you located?
  9. I had no actual difficulty changing gear. It just developed a squeak. I fitted a new pedalbox rather than try weld it.
  10. Dipping the clutch usually sounds squeaky as the seam weld begins to tear. Might not be the same for everyone.
  11. Skezza

    Warning light

    OK, then yeah get it scanned. Feel free to order a bluetooth OBD2 and do it on your own phone. Android preferred
  12. Skezza

    Warning light

    She said it comes on after a while, but also upon starting. Second is correct, first is not. How often you driving it? Just wondering if it needs a good old Italian tuneup.
  13. Skezza

    Warning light

    A check engine light? Standard malfunction indicator. It should always illuminate before starting the car, that's to let you know it's still working. You will need to get it scanned by a friend or worst case, a local garage and proceed from there It sounds like a Pending fault, especially if it doesn't appear all the time. I'd still get it scanned. Is the car running any differently?
  14. Skezza

    Hi 👋👋

    They call it something else in Stoke, but I think I get it. Additionally, bacon is bad for you. High in nitrates.
  15. Skezza

    100k miles

    Run in? Barely. That's a baby. 150k miles was when mine started to feel run in
  16. Skezza

    Coilover advice

    I suspect if you dropped them any lower the ride quality would rapidly become horrendous. Running cheap coilovers at a relatively normal height isn't such a bad idea cost wise, but as soon as you dump it like tends to be the aim, the ride becomes utterly horrific and nobody will convince me otherwise. Cheap coilies are cheap for a reason. Been there, seen it, nah. OEM suspension is indeed a bit too expensive. However you can occasionally pickup a full set off a low miler for about £50.
  17. Skezza

    Rich where's the parts you promised me??

    Can we maybe put this into a PM fella? Not really necessary put this on the main board....
  18. I would have thought so.
  19. Skezza

    3rd Brake light

    That's not good at all...
  20. Skezza

    Gearbox refurb

    Basically guaranteed to last the lifetime of the car now!!
  21. Skezza

    Car data

    @lupogtiboy might be able to help you here.
  22. Skezza

    Gearbox refurb

    That's an absolute bargain. I'd consider doing that with a high mileage working box just as preventative!!!
  23. The reason I continue to buy VW and decided not to buy another BMW is the exact opposite of that. I've always found VWs are indeed built to last. Both my Lupos lasted like absolute warriors. I've never found a part that seemed designed or destined to fail, like on certain other brands. There's planned obsolescence and there's simply poor design. The second is forgivable..... but I've only ever driven old VWs so no opinion on new ones. 08 is the newest, that's ancient these days really. Trust me, I continue to root for VAG all the way. Didn't buy a second A4 for nothing.

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