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  1. Skezza

    Mattarosas Arosas

    When you selling it mate
  2. Skezza

    My new Lupo is broken 😔

    The ECU's are pretty tough Trust me.
  3. Skezza

    My new Lupo is broken 😔

    Just drive it. You're panicking.
  4. This is true. And so is this. After a nuclear bomb, the only things left remaining on this earth will be termites, AK47's, Peavey amplifiers and Lupo SDI's.
  5. Skezza

    Lupo 3L 1.2tdi Spares or Repair

    There's a lot of graft right there imo. Plus I assume this would remove all the free tax benefits. I'd rather just fix it up as it is, but it's so bloody far away
  6. Skezza

    Lupo Lexus Lights

    I was a free spirit back then full of hopes and dreams. Now I'm a broken shell, shackled to a desk, desperately milking the corporate teat while wondering where the best years of his life went
  7. Skezza

    Lupo Lexus Lights

    Hey I'm looking to put some Lexus lights on my Lupo. Thing is, I was scrolling through them and some of them say MKI and some say MKII. I never knew that there was such a thing? Can anyone clarify this for me. Thanks
  8. Skezza

    Lupo Lexus Lights

    Before life had beaten me down
  9. Skezza

    Lupo 3L 1.2tdi Spares or Repair

    I would love to have this. What a shame you're so far away
  10. Skezza

    Lupo1.7Sdi bone shaker lol

    As per my guide, lower the tickover. If you think it's an injector issue, do a diesel purge.
  11. Skezza

    Drivers door module replace

    I'm looking, I'm looking. GTI preferably.
  12. Skezza

    Drivers door module replace

    It's really not that hard but without a video demonstrating I can understand why you feel it would be. Perhaps this is a reason to resurrect my How To side. @Rich 😂?
  13. Skezza

    No Check Engine Light

    This was an incorrect MOT failure.
  14. Skezza

    Lupo central locking issue

    The OP's message is a bit confusing. Are you saying the passenger door doesn't lock from the central locking? @mk2 - remote locking wouldn't fix this. I'd replace the door module personally. It used to be cheaper to take them apart clean them up, and refresh any bad solder joints. I don't think it's worth it these days.
  15. Start with that.
  16. Aftermarket radio?
  17. Skezza

    Tdi ecu reading problem

    Well he's an idiot then because it's a common problem.
  18. Skezza

    Tdi ecu reading problem

    It wouldn't be that...... based on what exactly? How is he flashing the ECU? If he's using the OBD2 port, it will be using the K-Line. Fact.
  19. Skezza

    Headlight Ballast

    D'oh!!! Of course they are. It even says it on the back of the cap. Sorry, my mistake.
  20. Skezza

    Tdi ecu reading problem

    Yes, it could be. Those aftermarket looms are a minefield. Some re-route the K-Line into 12v which causes absolute chaos for scan tools, some route it to ground which simply results in no comms. The scan tool pulls the K-Line to ground so either of those two scenarios can cause problems. If it's not that, then another module is jamming up your K-Line. Radio is your best place to start though.
  21. Skezza

    Headlight Ballast

    They're all made by Magneti Morelli aren't they? I would expect they've been used on a few cars. I wonder if you could repair one of these yourself in fact.....
  22. Skezza

    Tdi ecu reading problem

    Sounds like the K-Line could be shorting or getting messed up. Aftermarket radio? Disconnect it.
  23. Sorry to say this Juliet, but it has a problem. It might be something like a short.
  24. You sure it wasn't your interior light? The Lupo despite it's relative modern'ness in the world of cars is still primitive. I can't think of any submodules that are active and drawing high current with the door unlocked.
  25. Skezza

    Lupo tdi mpg

    I still await accurate MPG figures. OBD2 MPG readers are almost always BS and the good ones (Scangauge for example) still rely on manually inputting tank details and simply trim the figures based on injection cut off. Trust me on this..... I spent bloody years trying to calculate uber accurate MPG figures. Not 30 seconds one day to work

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