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  1. Not comparing like with like. The Lupo head unit was quite outdated even at the time... Let alone now.
  2. He wants to fit an aftermarket air filter. Honestly? They're all a bit naff mate. Plus the SDI has it's OEM filter located right down the front end to ensure it gets nice cool air. Naturally you'll be sucking in naff warm air unless you plumb it in a similar way.
  3. So is it purely the size then compared to the OEM wheel? I guess that makes more sense than some of the reasons I've seen (which usually revolve around them being cool and flashy) and truthfully I've never really thought about a wheel being too big or small. Would you say it makes the car easier to drive? Or is that something more likely felt on the track that down your local town centre? I'm guessing you have to resistor out the airbag as well otherwise you get the light? In the OEM world: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Steering-Wheel-VW-VICTOR-Sport-Leather-Vintage-Golf-Jetta-Scirocco-
  4. Love the seats and carpets, but just can't get my head around Momo steering wheels. I think with a nicely retrimmed OEM wheel, this would be one of the best interiors I've ever seen.
  5. Fancy doing a video showing what we're looking for? I'm trying work out where.
  6. It's probably a tad overpriced mate but good luck.
  7. Change the oil. Change the selector seal. Have a think about whether to switch and use 80w90. I did on my SDI gearbox and believe it is the main reason that box is still in great working condition (albeit on another car) today.
  8. Have you seen bubbles since? Could it be moisture?
  9. So you don't think it's brake fade?
  10. Curious about this boiling brake fluid. How do you know it was boiling fluid? When was the last time you changed it? How often do you do it? What method do you use?
  11. Early models is the white thermostatic valve. Newer ones is the black one.
  12. Did you try with a couple of jump cables attached. Clean the battery terminals as well.
  13. Probably. Shame really. Miles too far gone.
  14. Let me guess.... Bent accelerator pedal?
  15. I spent 80 odd thousand miles in mine (bought with 90k, sold with 172k) and I wouldn't change those miles/memories for the world. Yes it was slow.... yes it was irritatingly agricultural, but it was so disgustingly reliable that every time I've had a problem with a car since, BMW, Audi, etc, I've thought "uhh, never had this with the SDI". Was a great car and I probably got it wrong selling it when I did really, but we live and learn.
  16. The Lupo will always be that to most people. Cracking little run arounds
  17. I am personally with Rich and mk2 in that the pedal boxes don't always go, plus many have already been welded or replaced. Nonetheless, respect for the fact you are maintaining it like a brand new car rather than some of the shitboxes you see knocking about second hand on eBay and Gumtree.
  18. If nobody has taken these, I'll have them :)
  19. I lazily conflate rebuilding partitions with a low level partition. I know the historical significance of low level formats on spinning disks although I don't think we do them anymore.
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