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  1. My Little Lupo is now up for sale - owned her for over 8 years! I don't frequent the forum very often any more as Facebook seems to have taken over, but it would seem rude not to offer it to you lot. This is arguably one of the best 1.8T GTI's on the road today... The engine mounts are designed to keep driveshaft angles correct and high enough so that the sump doesn't hit the floor like a lot of others and it's built with all factory parts. She drives just like a stock GTI - very tractable and still manages 230 miles to a tank. All the info you need is on my Ebay advert - Lupo GTI 1.8T Ebay Link Open to offers around £6500. Call Matt on 07944 640 484
  2. Cooper_GTI

    Lupo GTI 1.8T - Forged engine, 290bhp

    I sold it to a local guy, but he's trying to flip it at profit i think. Doesn't bother me - i'm happy with the price I got. Mr Tacho, yes I can do a 1.8T Lupo conversion, but it'll cost you £4000 in labour based on my charge-out rate of £35/hr. It's barely even worth my time for that money to be honest, as it's such a huge job. Around 120-150 hours to properly build one. If you want a quick car, buy a Mk5 Edition 30 DSG and map it.
  3. Cooper_GTI

    Lupo GTI 1.8T - Forged engine, 290bhp

    You are 100% correct in what you're saying - there are a lot of charlatans out there! 'Diesel Pump UK' being the biggest one. His conversions are extremely shoddy, he offers no kind of warranty and doesn't care when his engines blow up due to his own poorly built fuel pumps. That said, his marketing is top notch and he has a lot of work on... Makes me feel sorry for his customers. My conversions are (if i do say so myself) among the tidiest out there, but certainly not the cheapest. I completely remake the loom, use correct merc mounts, all fully welded boost pipes, deep large capacity sump, new props, 4.4 or 4.1 diffs, 6 speed C270 gearbox and fuel pumps built in Finland by the best in the game, all coupled with loads of cooling so you can happily tow 3.5T at speed without overheating issues and with 2 bar of boost from 2000rpm to 6500rpm they fly! 0 to 60 time is sub 9 seconds and 35mpg is possible on a run. They make such useable, retro trucks when built correctly.
  4. Cooper_GTI

    Lupo GTI 1.8T - Forged engine, 290bhp

    Now sold. And i'm in the market for a GTI... Having dirty ideas about building a highly strung 1600!
  5. Cooper_GTI

    Lupo GTI 1.8T - Forged engine, 290bhp

    Absolutely they can Wes! By day I convert classic Mercedes G-Wagens... Removing the old useless, thirsty powerplant in favour of a newer mechanically pumped 5cyl, 20v turbo diesel with 320bhp and a huge spread of torque. A G-wagen that would cost circa £5k to buy is then worth over £20k with the torquey diesel lump. Here's my latest conversion that i've just sold...
  6. Cooper_GTI

    Lupo GTI 1.8T - Forged engine, 290bhp

    Which factory 1.8T engine do you know with forged internals proofed to 500bhp? It states in the ebay advert that it has Mahle pistons, DM forged rifle drilled rods and the BAM steel crank. Ref the price - a decent base GTI is at least £3-4k. Anyone who's in the real tuning game knows that to have an engine built to that spec costs upwards of £3000. Let alone brakes, suspension, wheels and hundreds of hours in labour, testing and mapping. What else would you buy for £6500 that would be as fast, reliable and capable as this?
  7. Cooper_GTI

    Loads of Lupo GTi parts!

    How much for the Binnacle over the clocks? I also need the mounting plate and screws attached to that. All posted too, as I'm in Coventry.
  8. Cooper_GTI

    Apex RDX Coilovers?

    I think you'll find that Apex are a lot better than the sh*t Chinese brands (Jom, FK, TA etc). Almost in the same league as koni or spax, but they're a far cry from Bilstein, AVO, H&R etc which are all German/UK manufactured and tested/developed on the car with stringent testing and quality control with great parts and warranty backup. It all depends how much you can get them for and what you want to use them for I guess.
  9. Cooper_GTI

    Heated seat switches/loom for GTI

    You can use a resistor across the 2 airbag terminals to make the light go out. but yes, all original Lupo leathers came with airbags. With regards to loom, you can always wire them up to an on/off switch to save the hassle of installing the whole loom. But if you do want to do it 'properly', check Kufatec for the loom. I don't think it's cheap though.
  10. Cooper_GTI

    What is a ideal lupo gti ?

    I agree with Silver!' on this - whilst they look nice from the outside, the interior looks awful on the garish coloured ones (red and blue).
  11. Cooper_GTI

    4-2-1 Manifold Friedrich Motorsport

    Give him a call on +44 7973 540145 or +44 1922 615671 Make sure you ask for John - he's very friendly and I'm sure he'll send a manifold straight out to you. Ask him to weld a lambda boss in before he sends it, as they were designed for race cars which don't run lambda sensors in the manifold.
  12. Cooper_GTI

    4-2-1 Manifold Friedrich Motorsport

    Friedrich make quality gear, so I'm surprised at the above review. You could get John Ashley Exhausts to package one up and send it out to you and it'd probably work out cheaper than the Friedrich one.
  13. Cooper_GTI

    Red GTI Coventry

    Saw this on Tuesday evening on the Longford road. Looked pretty standard - I was in a blue Ibiza, following my Lupo GTI which was on a trailer, being towed with an old Disco. I saw you do a double take when you noticed the GTI!
  14. No, unfortunately not. Surprising really, as all other GTI's have. dating back to the late 80's. I think that the European models came with trip computers...
  15. Cooper_GTI

    Lupo Turbo 1.8T 230BHP

    I'm selling my daily driver Lupo as my high powered GTI is very nearly on the road. It's had a 1.8T AGU grafted into it, which has been done to a very high standard and then has been tuned with a K03s turbo, 3" exhaust, FMIC, Large TIP, uprated recirc valve, silicone hosing, air filter, remap etc... It's currently on ebay and there's loads of pics and a full description on the listing. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/111795295641? I'm hoping for offers around £3000. Drop me a call/text on 07773274673
  16. Cooper_GTI

    Lupo Turbo 1.8T 230BHP

  17. Cooper_GTI

    Lupo Air Ride!

    Can you get cheap compressors/tanks too?? For my train horn setup...
  18. Cooper_GTI

    Comfortable Coilover for my GTI??

    I'd also say AP's are about the best budget coilovers you can buy. I've had them on my GTI for 6 years and done over 80k miles with them and they are still serviceable. Just be warned though, that the lower you go the worse the ride is and the more likely you are to wear the shocks out. (as well as CV joints, wishbones etc..) You also look like you're on the brink of needed a chassis notch to prevent the driveshaft banging into the chassis over bumps and stuff, so bear this in mind if you do want to drop it more. Have you considered a conventional spring/shock arrangement rather than adjustable coilovers? It will be much more comfortable, although you may not get the extra drop you're after, but you could certainly achieve the same height as you currently have.
  19. Cooper_GTI

    Very low mileage 2001 Lupo GTI for sale

    Whilst it's obviously a cracking example, with all due respect, you're going to really struggle at that price. If it were a later 6-speed, with a sunroof, heated leathers, A/C etc then you'd be in with a shout, but I'd say you're about £1500-£2000 too dear.
  20. Cooper_GTI

    Taking out silencers

    It's not a matter of skimping out, it's a matter of keeping noise to a minimum, making the driving experience appeal to the masses and ultimately adhering to very stringent emissions outputs. If you take a something like an Evo FQ360, remove the cat, fit a 3" downpipe straight through into a large bore backbox you will undoubtedly gain a decent amount of bhp and torque. It's safe to say that you would see an extra 10bhp peak and if you coupled this with a remap you would see more of a benefit. Although this extra bhp may come at the expense of the power band being shifted higher up in the rev range, which a lot of people wouldn't necessarily like (just like most people don't like loud cars which fail MOT's due to decats). Skezza, have you had experience in engine tuning/optimising? Your comments have me believing otherwise. It is well documented that manufacturers don't go for the ultimate power when manufacturing engines. Badger5 for example spent months developing a turbo inlet pipe for K04'd 1.8t's and gained a huge amount of bhp and torque over the OEM item. Bill also sells this TIP with a huge cone filter as this helps to produce more power over the standard airbox. It's all about reducing the bottleneck at the end of the day.
  21. Cooper_GTI

    Taking out silencers

    In the scenario I explained, the original airbox made higher torque earlier in the rev range, but then tailed off a lot quicker. This is how the general public as a whole like cars to perform - "ooh, it's got a lot of poke" And that's not referring to 13x10 banded steelies I'm going to say this is due to the inlet tract being longer and there is a large volume of air ready to supply the engine. But as the revs rise, the airbox becomes a larger restriction and hence cannot keep up with the demand. Yes Skezza, it was reproducible as the car did 5 or 6 4th gear runs (as we all know, you have greatly reduced cooling on a dyno, so if inlet temps were an issue they would certainly stand out here) and the new filter required alterations to the map in order to gain more power. The filter in the 1.8t airbox had done no more than about 50 miles, albeit an aftermarket affair from GSF. I didn't try it without the filter, but I'm 90% sure that it would have gained more power. The ideal situation, broadly speaking(!!) for engine breathing is to make the inlet/outlet paths as unrestrictive as possible, hence why we fit larger exhaust, throttle bodies, flowed heads, large valves etc... I'm by no means an expert, but I've read a lot of books and had a lot of experience with building budget engines and getting max bhp using simple engineering methods (camshaft timing, manifold/exhaust tuning, inlet runner lengths etc) which are often overlooked by people with bulging wallets and egos. Another thing that armchair tuners like to claim is that car engines need backpressure. From what I've found this is a load of tosh. On a 4-stroke engine there is plenty of overlap between the exhaust/inlet valves and anyway, it's not like you're going to be scavenging unburnt air/fuel from half way down the exhaust. Any scavenging you are getting has happened in the manifold. 2-strokes however are a different story.
  22. Cooper_GTI

    Taking out silencers

    I assumed he was mentioning a filter as he was after the extra noise (hence why he wants a straight through exhaust), but I agree, if you're happy with the standard filter then there won't be any gain from changing it in this application. The reason I mentioned a large cone filter is based on my own experiences (which is a damn site more than a lot of people on this site have!) When my 1.8t Lupo was on the Dyno using the standard AGU airbox coupled with the Lupo cold air feed, the mapper told me try fitting a jetex cone filter which he had in the top of his tool box. Upon doing so, the peak power increased instantly from 208bhp to 214bhp, with a marginally smoother torque curve and it held its power a lot higher in the revs range, proving that flow is in fact more important than 'the dreaded heat soak'. On a naturally aspirated engine I agree this may not be the case, but we're talking turbos here, where more boost and higher temps is better than less boost and lower temps. You're definitely better off with a larger intercooler, mounted at the front of the car. Spraying the intercooler whenever you 'think' it's getting warm isn't feasible and is not a lossless system. Fit the intercooler and forget about it, knowing it's doing its job from the minute you turn the engine on to the minute you turn it off. Then, and only then, if you're still seeing high intake temps with an uprated intercooler it's time to look at other options.(mounting, spray, fans etc) Experiment and see what works for you - dare to break the trend!
  23. Cooper_GTI

    Taking out silencers

    Don't get too hung up on the whole 'cold air feed'. On a turbo car, you see huge intake temps regardless of whether or not your filter is fed cold air. It is the job of the intercooler to cool the charged air before it enters the inlet manifold. Money would be a LOT better spent on an uprated intercooler than it would on a filter. Just get a nice big cone filter with plenty of surface area. If you are able to isolate it from heat-soak then great - if not, don't worry too much. And another thing... Don't get it mapped til you've done all the mods you wish to carry out.
  24. I'm after the following parts for my 1.0 Lupo. Grill The colour coded (red) plastic panel below the grill that the indicators sit in Passenger headlight with clips all in-tact Based in Coventry, but will cover postage.
  25. Cooper_GTI

    Taking out silencers

    You don't necessarily need a cat on a diesel as they don't have 'emissions' tests as such - they just have a smoke test. Just make sure you retain your lambda sensor. If anything, you will get more performance gain on a TDI than on any other model of Lupo. A decat and freer flowing exhaust will allow the turbo to spool up quicker and you will definitely get a noticeable performance gain. ...even more so if it's mapped! It will sound quite good and very 'boosty'.

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