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Lupo 1,8t 20v conversion


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Maybe i´m taking it out....

The cables in the car is already upgraded,

I have DLS car stereo cables running from battery in the front to amp and the same goes for the rest of

the cables, all new ones.

Yes it´s a 4ch and its rated 4x100wrms

Maybe I just buy a new battery and throw the capacitor in the trash.... : )

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if i recall you need 300F to match power of 1Ah battery ...

A quick google shows a 50f cap cost £54 so that's £324 on power caps to match the output of an 1ah 12v battery.

Your standard battery is about 50ah...

im afraid the man talks the truth it has been proven that capacitors provide no benefit to any audio system other than looking pretty!

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im afraid the man talks the truth it has been proven that capacitors provide no benefit to any audio system other than looking pretty!

It´s done then!

The thing is going out, just need a pair of power blocks as there´s probably going to be a second amp soon....

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Injectors and gasket is now fitted!

That all went well.

And now for the modification of my downpipe that didn´t go quiet so smooth...

The flexible part of the downpipe has a outer and a inner net, or had i´d say.

The inner one musn´t like heat too much really cause it has curled up and is now

working as a restrictor for exhaust gasses : )

And this little thing cause massive loss of bhp, no wonder i thought my Lupo was losing power... : )

And some pics.

Injectors mounted, aren´t they huge : )



And now for the Hp eater. This pipe is normally 2,5" straight trough.



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Now, finally some things are going my way..

Got my new exhaust flex from ebay after two weeks and it´s the same type with braided inner liner.

Wont fit one of those again..!

So i asked my friend to make me one from 3" interlockhose and he did : )

Another quality product from Stahlherz permormancefactory (www.stahlherz.com)

It´s now welded to the downpipe and it´s ready to be tested on

the car again. Lets hope i did everything right : )

Below you can really see the difference.




I also got my new headunit, an alpine CDE-133bt

Nice, simple and effective : )


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Excellent work, one of the best I have seen so far!

Thanks, I do my best... : )

as always ... spot on work chap!

will you be at worthersee?

Thank you! I dont think i will go to worthersee this year but it´s been up for discussion in our

swedish Gti ownersclub to go so....

lucky find with the flex pipe, the cheap ebay one just can't handle the power! :lol:

Yes, really a lucky find! This one didn´t even come from an ebay dealer, it came from a large swedish

exhaustpart supplier.

They say it can handle 700 degrees celsius for shorter periods, why make something like that for an

exhaust : )

The new interlockhose should stand 800 degrees constant and over that for shorter periods.

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have you had a full custom system made up for it? or did you adapt the original? notice you kept the hidden tailpipe which helps back pressure (something i'd do)

Yep, it´s a full, custom 2,5" exhaust.

It´s looks more "sleeper" with this tailpipe instead of something in chrome sticking out behind the car : )

The rear silencer is originally from a transporter T5 pickup turned sideways and some modified mounts..

Here´s some old pics of the exhaust for you!



And now, todays work!

Tonight i´ve took on the assignment of wrapping my downpipe in black 40mm heatwrap.

So now my forearms are a bit itchy and red even tough i soaked the wrap in water before i started.

Not the frendliest of materials but it does the job : )

Here´s the result, the finished downpipe.


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I'm running the K04 creation motorsport turbo inlet pipe. It's very well made (blatent copy of the badger 5 item) and gave a noticeable power increase.

Maybe i´ll have look at one of those too.

Seems like they have really nice quality and price : )

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exhaust looks really nice and that t5 backbox looks like it fits really well does it give a nice note over a standard system?

Tidy job on the heatwrap, will it shrink when it dries?

The T5 box sounds like theres something other then standard but not like those crappy jap exhausts..

The heatwrap will shrink a bit but not that much, you have to wrap it tight when its wet and flexible to get

a good result.

Edited by Norpan
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spoiling us with your car porn again!

Is it up and running yet? or still waiting to fit the exhaust?

Car porn, thsss : )

Not running yet but the exhaust is back in the car again.

I´m not really waiting for anyting other than roads free from snow and maybe some sunshine...

And ofcourse my brother and his magic program for the Ecu : )

Custom map for E85 and 500cc injectors.

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Ohhh gotta love the swedes and your snow.

You done anything to the suspention? other then coilies?

Yeah, snow... for about half the year. You just haveto stand it or go abroad in the winter : )

Haven´t really done anything to the suspension other than coils, Polo Gti front arb and a Lupo Gti

rear axle with built in arb.

I would like a set of Bilstein coils, maybe the nürnbergring kit.

There´s going to be a set of polyflex bushings in front before the winter ends and maybe even a

Whiteline rear arb.

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Made me a real bargain yesterday!!

I bought me a 3L magnesium steeringwheel, Alu hood damper and a complete 3L front


And all for the total of ~40£ : )

The wheel was in next to perfect condition and ofcourse it haveto go into the car as fast

as possible...

The hood damper was fitted too.

The bumper will wait for a bit of mod for later on, hopefully before the summer.

And here´s the wheel close up.




And the damper.


Edited by Norpan
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