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  1. can i just ask how much did this cost you to do
  2. tog93


    on the shop side of camping where was the club parking like
  3. tog93


    I have a 1.4s and my tps is a 7 or 8 pin but my mates has only 6 pins why?
  4. tog93


    i was in mine lime green black roof blue wheels
  5. Any one no which wire does what on the tps like which is live earth ect cheers
  6. And arosas sorry bout that fingers to quick
  7. 21st November 7.00 till 10.00 get ur asses down last one In 2011 will be good to see all the lupos down their Cheers Tom
  8. I will take the manifold if you still got it cheers
  9. oh so which body kit is it lol i dont have a clue its fine i found it lol
  10. hi which audi front bumper and grill fits on the lupo cheers
  11. these stiil up for sale these stiil up for sale
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