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  1. My Lupo is sold! After 3 months it finally got sold.. : ) I bought a -07 Passat for now but i sense that the urge of a new project is on its way.. : )
  2. And now the first real update this year! Last saturday night ended with this mess : ) After doing some full throttle pulls to the revlimit on 5:th gear the little Lupo only ran on 3 cylinders... This is what had happend... Monday 7:30pm i started in the garage, this is what it looked like 8:48pm when the head came off. No compression on cylinder no 2 at all... A very burnt valve had taken the seat to he*l : ) Only one thing to do, scrap this head and find a new one... One hour later a new smallport head from a audi s3 is in my garage, 3 valve bent thou... Thusday afternoon was spent in the
  3. Now spring is on its way in Sweden : ) and that meens that my Lupo is soon to be back on the road again! I'm waiting and longing for my little green friend now..!
  4. I just burried myself in some wiring diagrams and then i took apart my brothers Audi A3 for some measuring and there it is.. : ) Thanks, i think your car is coming together really nice! Looking good : ) I used the standard pump from the 1,4 engine and same goes for the pipes.. But do consider that mine i left hand drive.. The speedo is wired as standard, just made me an adapter cable from the standard Lupo loom to the 1,8t loom.
  5. There is'nt much going on this winter with the Lupo... Have got som polyflex bushes lying arond at home but I'll fit theme in the spring when the car comes out of it's resting place for the winter season... I did do an upgrade before putting the car to wintersleep.. I fitted cruisecontrol! Lupo never ever came with cruisecontrol! I used a lever from an old golf mk3 and made it fit : ) It works really well anyway!
  6. You can buy the mount for the chassileg as a spare from your vw dealer. I dont know what pedalbox to use for your RHD cars but in my LHD car i´m using the original one from the 1,4l AHW. You don´t get the hydraulic clutch with that setup tough... I have a 22mm mastercyl. from an old Passat around -90, don´t know how those fit RHD cars but it propably would fit just the same way around.
  7. Today i got my little Lupo dynoed at Dahlbäck racing. The result is: 254hp 400nm at the wheels 284hp 448nm engine power. A couple of pics... In the dyno: Dyno sheet:
  8. Jodå, den går bara bra : ) Fick ett par nya framdäck i förra veckan, dom verkar försvinna fortare än bakdäcken... konstigt.. : )
  9. I had that fitted in mine a few years ago when i was tuning that little 1,4 AHW .... It has no bracket for the throttlecable cause the polo has flybywire. And when you fit it, remember to take of the negative cable from the battery cause it will sit damn close to the starters positive cable. I got 105hp with the polo head+manifold+injectors, 1,6 AUS cams, header and remap. A pic of in the car with a homemade bracket for the cable. A pic of the manifold on my Polo gti head.
  10. Maybe the case : ) Your progress is looking good!!
  11. Lupos 16v engine are different from a Polo AFH engine. Maybe they are the same, just lookup the resistans before plugging them in.... Lupo standard injectors are very short while the APY/BAM injectors are "normal" size so they may need spacers. Everything will fit if you really want it to.... : )
  12. No, their too long and have wrong connectors. Not sure if they have the same resistans but i dont think so...
  13. What hubs are you using and what brakes?? I have Polo 6n2 Gti hubs and outer joints from the same model and I haven´t had any trouble with that setup...
  14. Maybe should have put some in a ecu upgrade maybe : ) There are always plans but to take the car with me I havto go to either denmark or norway to get to the boat cause they aren´t leaving from sweden anymore.... Just a trip to the boat for about 800km.. : )
  15. Traction isn´t a luxury, maybe because im running 185/35r17:s....... Yes you do! : )
  16. Thanks! Thanks! Cant really see myself in a Tdi..
  17. Now finally Lupo is out from this winters rest. Started my day with emptying the fueltank from gas and then poured some E85 in it. Then my brother came to the garage and gave the Lupo som updated software for E85 and 500cc injectors. And finally it was time for start! It started without trouble and ran smooth as if it had never been touched from last season. Time for a test drive! A little changes in boost settings and now it runs 1,4bar from about 3000rpm to the limit. Feels alot better than last season and my little upgrades has paid of, the Lupo now have around 300hp : ) Heres a pic from
  18. Thanks! I´m a bit jealous of your interior, not that i want mine in red but it´s really nice! Maybe some green and grey would fit nicely in mine.....
  19. Lupo is ready to start for this year, all mods are done! Here´s a pic of the engine! And another of Lupo down on his feet again...
  20. Can you post some pictures on here for us who don´t have facebook...?!
  21. As requested, a pic of a green doorcard! Not the best quality.... Thanks!
  22. He must have been : ) He sold his car in pieces cause he had a collision in the rear of the car. Good for me anyway!
  23. Made me a real bargain yesterday!! I bought me a 3L magnesium steeringwheel, Alu hood damper and a complete 3L front bumper. And all for the total of ~40£ : ) The wheel was in next to perfect condition and ofcourse it haveto go into the car as fast as possible... The hood damper was fitted too. The bumper will wait for a bit of mod for later on, hopefully before the summer. And here´s the wheel close up. Fitted. And the damper.
  24. I have the riger spoiler on my car and there´s no gap between the spoiler and the tailgate. A bit expensive but the only one that looks really nice... Here´s a pic of it on my car!
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