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  1. Firstly I didn't say a grand i said the best part you lot need to take reading lessions. Secondary I didn't realise it was for a TDI so my parts list was for a complete engine back petrol system from a decent parts place or vw, not euro crap parts. Thirdly even for a full TDI exhaust your still looking AT THE BEST PART of 1k Mainly due to the price of the cat (list price is £700!) But you'll probably get it for around £300-500. That's all I'm saying on the matter I'm done.
  2. Have you seen how much a cat cost? Looking at £200 each! Plus the two o2 sensors another £250Two silencers another £250 plus hangers and bushes and fitting, you do the math And those are not vw prices either! That's a whole new system from the engine as the op originally stated this.
  3. Replacing two cats plus back boxes isn't going to be cheap either! I'd say your looking at near £1k mark for the lot even with cheapo replica parts
  4. That won't fit then as its designed for non sports etc The sport backbox sits under the wheel well where as non sports are to the side and higher up.
  5. Keep the cover and box just remove the filters and fit a cone or pod on the end of the air intake (get some little filters for the breather pipes) It'll sound much better then running hoses off the TBS trust me I've done both.
  6. Will look **** tho as the tail pipe will sit so low so you'll see it all. Unlike on the sports or gti where its nicely hidden.
  7. I'm pretty sure they were for moving the shells during manufacturing. Youve probably just got condensation behind the plug
  8. Just dont drop the inner wing trim bits down inside the wing like I did doh!
  9. Chrisbee


    Sounds good but you lose back pressure and the car feels sluggish
  10. Roll bar bush are a piece of piss, drop links unbolt and slide off and the other bushes are just clamped on so just unbolt those and they pop out. Do it while you do the discs as youll have the wheels off and car in the air Track rods might be a pain as they seize on so give them a soaking in wd40,the day before you start. You may want a blow torch too. Failing that its new steering rack time.
  11. Yeah mine comes and goes, my car wasn't lowered very much and started doing it. Not failure too as well.
  12. Is the car lowered? Knackered CV joint or shaft bearing, having mine looked at next week.
  13. Usually the sign of an over tightened belt butni had mine done recently and get a whine from it. Spoke to the guy who done it and he said it just takes time for the belt to stretch.
  14. Dirt cheap for a reason, he probably got a dodgy batch missing rear shocks and sold them cheap
  15. Just wire a spark plug into your exhaust thats what we did in the 90s when we wanted flames :-)
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