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2 wheels and pedal power ...

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I've had the opposite pedal experience to Foxy, the V8's I have are still going strong after a year, but I hated the 50/50s, crap grip and seriously over priced.

Why spend big money on pedals when most only last 12-18 months?

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I've used DMR V8's before on my BMX's and a couple of my mountain bikes. Unless they've changed the formula recently, I've never had any problems with them at all!

I had a set of Red V8's on one BMX for over 2 years without any problems! I serviced them once after the first 12 months using the grease port and never touched them again after that!

I suppose everyone has different experiences.

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I wanna see a video of you doing a bit of green laning or off-roading in your Bora. ;)

The bora does less than a mile a week these days. Unless I'm visiting the parents.

Lend me a video cam and I'll see what I can go next time I'm back in Saddleworth.

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i'd like to see you beat me in a sprint on a london road on your hunk of metal!

let me fit a 46T front ring and lose half my bodyweight, then I'll kick your ass... lol

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Ive got a few bikes(6) so ill put a picture up of a few of mine.

This has started to look abit old man style, but with the amoutn of miles i did on it and in the weather it was so much nicer.


This is my TT bike.


This used to be my main ride, but things started to go wrong so it turned into my hack bike.


This was the first thing to go wrong


Track bike, not really a track around here, its got 4 courners but its classed as one. Not bad for a blast around every so often.


And the thing with gears thats tucked away in the back of the shed


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Take it you need chainring, cranks, sprocket, brake cable outer and inner, tubes, tyres?

If you do, ive got a load of brake cable outer, got a length in black and a load of it in bright orange(the stuff used on my yellow fixed)and the orange stuff i doubt ill use on any other bike again.

Got a set of cranks with a 44t chainring on. Not a proper fixed one, its a downhill mountain bike one so 3/32, not the best to be honest. I upgraded when i got my new frame, the chainring might be slightly bent(ill have to take a look tomorrow, i had some real problems with my yellow bike and stripped it down and shoved this cranks away) To be honest the cranks and chainring is one of the things i recommend to splash out on and get something decent. Ive had cheaper cranksets and ive either bent them or had problems with them. May have a few chainring bolts aswell if you need any, abit rusty but they are fine. I only took them off to put shiny new ones on.

If you need tubes and dont mind repairing them i might have a few knocking about(will have to look, might have used them all to put on a chain). I get them for £1.20 a tube so dont bother to repair them, just put a new one in.

Depending what size sprocket you need i might have a spare one kicking around.

What bars you running on it? Ive got some Charge leather bar tape(just one roll) kicking about. Had bull bars with this on for a while but it wasnt my thing so took it off and put on my bright pink Oury grips on.

Not sure if i have a saddle about, ill take a look in the shed tomorrow.

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