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  1. Next weekend, anyone coming?
  2. Same format as last year, same site (Westmorland Show Ground). Last year's 'stand' consisted of a Lupo, a Caravelle and a battery powered gokart. Can we do better this year? CumbriaVAG Show & Shine Festival 2015 is a 2 day event, with camping & entertainment on the Saturday night followed by a Volkswagen car show on the Sunday. Gates will open to the public at 12pm on Saturday, and 10am Sunday; however club stands, trade stands and Show & Shine applicants will be accepted on site from 8am (Sunday). Entry at the gate is via advanced e-tickets purchased from our tickets page, you will need to print out your ticket and bring it with you on the day to have it exchanged for a wristband. Alternatively you can pay on arrival, but we advise you buy advanced tickets for faster entry on the day and a guaranteed camping place, it’s also cheaper! Under 16s are free with a paying adult and dogs on leads are welcome too!
  3. Well theres no reason you can't rivet the ones in that you've got. They're the same size front and rear. I thought you were wanting to use the speaker rings in the front to mount new speakers on. Sorry for the confusion.
  4. They're a whole thing, riveted into the door. To remove you'll need to drill out the rivets. Check the woodshapes website, they sell some pretty cheap MDF rings precut to size (look under shapes>wooden rings and circles)
  5. RobG


    http://www.ross-tech.com/vag-com/faq_1.html See section 1.8
  6. Aye, i heard that arriving, it did sound good
  7. Heh, i have this feeling the passat hates shows. The engine recently started squealing. It needs a new water pump, and handbrake cables. Both of which are on back order. Hohum. Looks like i'll be turning up in the battery powered gokart this year.
  8. Where abouts in scotland are you? If you're close to the forth valley area i can scan/clear it for you.
  9. Yes, it's a plug and play swap from the beta to the gamma. You will need to populate the speaker connector as it will currently only have wires in for the front speakers. Pin out is as below.
  10. I've recently had the suspension replaced on that lardy old blue barge featured in the pic above. I had it lowered before winter, could feel every bump/bounce. Raised it to close to standard height for the winter and couldn't believe how much more comfortable it was so i'll probably leave it like that. Also it's less likely to gouge holes in the driveway with the exhausts. Saying that, the ride on coilies is far superior to the standard suspension. Jon will attest to the back end wiggle issue i had coming down from the Cairngorms.
  11. Yep as far as i remember there's a clip over each end, take the clip off and the gas strut will detach with a wiggle (granted this was on a passat bonnet, but i think the theory's the same)
  12. Last time i did it, i used the bolt that holds the rear seatbelt buckle in. Rubbed off some of the paint and stuck it under there.
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