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  1. now own an FSI golf MK5, nothing special, but neither was Gordon when I bought him
  2. Its gone! I guess this may aswell be locked
  3. Its all over! Sold everything now! Car, Wheels and interior have all gone. End of an era, and i loved every minute of it!
  4. im not insured on it anymore so sorting the engine light wont really happen its sold as it is hence the stupidly low price for this car! its got the gti interior as seen in the picture and the black and silver RJ's as also seen above.
  5. Anyone? wheels and interior have been sold so just the car left now
  6. yes no modifications at all PM me if interested
  7. £1650 w/o wheels but it will be sat on nothing then you know? You'll have to bring your own wheels
  8. I reckon postage to be about 7 quid V3 1upo rang me the other day but hasn't yet pm'd me for my PayPal First one to do it gets it, fairs fair
  9. thanks you lot! unfortunatley hes still sat on my drive someone come take him !
  10. £5 plus postage come get it! i wont be holding on to it forever
  11. If the clocks retain mileage why doesnt everyone go to VW and buy a new set ?
  12. No, i swapped these clocks for a set of sport clocks as they were gloss black. Mileage is not saved on the clocks. if you want them send me a pm with your adress and il send you over paypal details.
  13. your best bet is to ring paul at Premier Car Trim and ask him to get you one
  14. Paid and collected all in less than 24 hours!
  15. Someones coming for them this morning, but if it doesn't happen or whatever you'll be first to know
  16. The mileage is whatever it is in your car! It's not saved on your clocks. There just a display no memory
  17. http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=77962&hl=&fromsearch=1
  18. sorry it took so long mate! http://www.bowleather.co.uk/bow/Products/GP77.aspx
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