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  1. Plenty on eBay to have a go at. Also Hey Rich & Jon!
  2. Some people might still remember me from the vintage CL period from 2005 to 2010, anyway I have an ok daily car, and also a very nice Golf GTI 25th Anniversary 1.8T, 88,000 miles FSH, etc etc. Question is does anyone have a nice, clean and standard Lupo GTI (6sp) that they'd be interested in swapping/PXing?
  3. Make: VW Model: mk1 Golf GLI (Cabby) MOT: Yes 6+ months TAX: No (Will organise) Engine size: 1600cc Fuel type: Petrol Location: Cumbria Description including modifications: - Full strip and professional rebuild - New hood - Leather interior - New carpets, - PYE headunit correct for age, with aux in added professionally - Resprayed and panels repaired - Undersealed - Engine tuned but standard and original - New radiator and oil coiler - New alternator - New cambelt - New battery - Other engine work I can't remember! - Chrome bumpers - Clear head lights - Single headlight grille with chrome b
  4. MattyA


    I have a good quality traybox carrier thing, and it is full of VW treats, like: - Loads of trim screws and clips - Loads of BBS bolts (RXII and others) - Various bulbs etc (about 10-12) - Loads of other interesting bits Ill try and get a picture later. First £30 gets it (includes delivery)
  5. Title: Apple iPhone 4 Description: New & Sealed Apple iPhone 4 8Gb in Black on Orange. Unwanted upgrade, RRP £419 (Unlocked). Location: Hawes, North Yorkshire Postage: FREE (Spec Del) Price: £350 paypal gift / or pay paypal fees.
  6. Glad you're okay Ben. Few of those tegs in Cumbria. (not a bad thing)
  7. TBH you're all gay for bothering messing on modding cars.
  8. Bought one of these today, as I want to improve my fitness for my mountain biking.
  9. Okay sounds slightly ****, but has anyone mentioned the Greys Bus Tours? (Think thats what theyre called!) I wasn't bothered about it, and it was one of the last things we did, but it was excellent, gave you a good understanding of the city any how it all links up, if that makes sense.
  10. Yeah we were unlucky with the traffic on that occasion, other times we have gone faster.
  11. Penrith to Hartside on a slow day
  12. TBF DMR have a great reputation, and I've never had an issue.
  13. I've had the opposite pedal experience to Foxy, the V8's I have are still going strong after a year, but I hated the 50/50s, crap grip and seriously over priced. Why spend big money on pedals when most only last 12-18 months?
  15. So basically no ones about then. cool beans
  16. Payna's from shields, near the hospital IIRC, but as Phil said, he aint on here much.
  17. Thinking Sunday 3rd October.
  18. No Jon_2768986102 Feel free to pm me though, as i cant remember my new number.
  19. Ok cool, so thats 3 of us.
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