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  1. I'm in Salisbury although our Lupo is off the road
  2. This is a 4 year old post so I presume someone found out what the problem was and solved it. I'd imagine you might have left an indicator on while parking and switched the ignition off, it'll leave a side light on but not show any dash lights.
  3. Isn't it Sport inlet cam and GTI exhaust cam? I can never remember. Long story short buy a sport or a GTI.
  4. treblet

    US parts

    Given that the Lupo was never released in the USA, there won't be any Lupo specific American parts.
  5. Sunderland - Where no one knows Rich's true identity
  6. I've just realised how much kids are paying for insurance. That's mad money, my Golf doesn't even cost me half what your Arosa costs and our Lupo is only a couple of hundred quid a year! Thank goodness for being over 25!
  7. treblet

    Wheels for GTI ?

    15x7 will fit straight on, provided they aren't a silly offset. 15x8 you'll need to be more careful with offset, especially if lowered.
  8. treblet

    oil burning

    The back of Sports and GTIs always end up sooty due to the upturned exhaust. Sports are prone to valve stem seal wear and are renowned for burning oil.
  9. Insurance depends on so many different factors, you need to be honest with it but there are ways to make it cheaper Have you tried adding a parent as a named driver? If you have access to another vehicle on a regular basis declare it. Take a look at the way you have noted down your occupation, sometimes your job title phrased differently can make it cheaper. Most importantly play the companies against each other, do some comparison sites/ringing round and get the best price you can then call other companies and see if they can beat it.
  10. As Deadmetal's said your speedo will over read. If you go sticking tiny wheels and low profile tyres on you'll run the risk of being done as the speedo will read less than you're actual speed. That said, you'd probably have to put wheels that are so small you wouldn't get them over your brakes to manage that much of an under read.
  11. treblet

    Wheels for GTI ?

    Have a flick through the members cars section, you'll find plenty of inspiration there. 16" is about as big as you can usually pull off on a GTI, with the odd set of 17" looking good, as for offsets anything between about 40 and 30 shouldn't rub much.
  12. Personally I hate EBC, specifically "Green Stuff" pads, I'd never buy a set but that's just my opinion. As for rear pads, if you aren't driving it on track days or hammering it like a lunatic on the road then OE stuff or similar should be fine.
  13. If you have a lowered car you won't get a bottle jack under it
  14. If you have a Costco near you they pretty much always have low rise trolley jacks in stock. They're ideal for lowered cars but will still lift high enough to be useful.
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