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Lupo Enamel Pin Badges - £5

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Blue is always the best.

It's not a trademark infringment if there's no mention on the product itself that it is a VW! Use the analogy that a child at school made a painting of a car that looks like a VW Beetle (for example).

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2 hours ago, mk2 said:

Three for me please. I'l cut the pins off and glue them to the key. Or on top of a swizzel stick. So so many uses.... :)


I could make them without the pin backing mate. 

If a few more show interest, I’ll look at getting them into production 👍🏻

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10 hours ago, mk2 said:

How about with a hole in in the front wheel? It'd be a tiny teeny weeny key ring. Now that would be class.

I've already done forum keyrings, so was looking at doing something else to be honest with you!

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We're all still keen.... how many are you up to so far and how many do you need to make it worth while for you? 

The lupo is slowly achieving cult status and there'll be loads of demand for these nice little pins. And in Germany and Spain...

post on the german forum:



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I think I'd need to get the numbers to 20 genuine people to push on with them and get them into manufacture. I did Club Lupo keyrings a couple of years ago and they generated a lot more interest (I think because there was more active people on the forum).

The MX5 pins that I've already made have sold quite well. Financially, none of this is really worth doing, but I thought they would make a good keepsake/Christmas gift etc for people, so was happy to do them!

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Colours I was thinking are...

Soft blue, reflex blue, silver, red and black. I could make a green one, but it would be an additional cost for a one-off. Green just doesn't sell, as I've still got a few green (and yellow) keyrings leftover.

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14 minutes ago, Rich said:

I'd be in for a couple, start a list.

The problem starts when people say 'I'll deffo have one', so you get them made up and all of a sudden you hear nothing 😂

For people genuinely interested who would be happy to pay when we reach the magic 20, put your name and quantity required below. Also include the colour you require (choose from soft blue, reflex blue, silver, red and black).

EG - Tom, 1x soft blue, 1x red

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22 hours ago, mk2 said:

Definitely 3 for me. Any possibility on other colours? Greens, yellow? Also any option to leave the pin clasp off, but no biggie as i coukd grind it off.

Leaving the pin clasp off is totally fine.

Custom colours not so much. We would have to keep buying different shades of enamel which would bring the price up.

You, @Rich and @kt_lou_gti is 7 so far. We really would need 20+ to be honest, so let's see if it happens...

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I can post you a small pack of interesting colour enamelling powder. My guess is you only need half a teaspoon of the stuff? Do you use an enamelling oven or a microwave mini kiln thing?

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