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  1. Thanks for the help guys, I've spoken with the guy who checked the air con and he's saying there's evidence of dye in two places .... above and below the pressure switch, I ran out of time to jack the car and check myself but am wondering if this is a leak from a holed pipe or as @RAB says a failing/failed switch spraying a mist onto the pipe. Engaging the A/C gets a noticeable change in engine note followed shortly after by the fan kicking in. When the system was recharged last year it worked well and over the year became less effective (though used less). Thanks for tip @mk2 I'll check pipe 5 for heat. Being of a certain age I tend to not to walk under ladders etc but note that the pressure switch seal is numbered 13 ...... I wonder??🤔
  2. Ahhhh ..... might have to live with the windows open in the summer 🤣🤣 I'll have a good look in the next few days and check the routing.
  3. Cheers Rich, I'll have a look this weekend to confirm exactly where the leak is 🙂
  4. That sounds hopeful Rich, from th description they gave I'm thinking its pipe 7 on the diagram.
  5. That's a thought, haven't seen the pipe myself as its under wheelarch, they said pipe not hose and I wondered whether using second hand hoses for A/C would be wise or false economy.
  6. Hi Guys, need to pick the collective brains. Have a problem with the air conditioning on a GTI, it was checked and recharged last March and seemed Ok through the summer but now fails to produce cold air. Compressor engages and the fan kick in as it should. I've had a garage take a look and they're saying there's evidence of a small refrigerant leak in the hose which contains the pressure switch. Cost all in, in excess of £500. The hose is on back order from Germany, so do I bite the bullet and spend the money or try and source a second hand hose? your collective thoughts please .... and NO keeping the windows open in the long term isn't an option before anyone says 😀
  7. Wiring should be plugged into the loom inside the hole in the tailgate, from the photos it looks like some works been done on yours previously as the plug is approx 400 mm away from the light.
  8. i've a photo from when I had mine apart, its marked 4132000 - 200.01
  9. Whereabouts did you see this? I know of a Tornado GTI driven by a older lady in South Oxfordshire, if its the same one then I believe she's had it for at least 10+ years.
  10. Original Aero blades were the same size as the original blades fitted to 9N Polo, so guess VW sourced the parts bin for upgrades.
  11. The first number is the cover the second is the retainer, they were still available from VW in 2018 when I brought mine, but it required some trawling through various screens before the parts guy found them.
  12. Have had the same issues and changed the pipe and heater only for it to fail some months later. However also got the EVAP valve fault as well, changed this valve and the pipe and this resolved the issue. Not sure how the two are related as the EVAP seems to recycle fuel fumes from the tank and the heater helps to reduce 'mayo' in the oil recirc pipe.
  13. Looking at the brouchure copies for 2002 & 2003 model years, ABS on petrol 100hp Sport and GTI. Brouchure for 2005 shows ABS on all models. Can't find anything for 2004. Twin airbags on all from launch I suspect. ESP wasn't on English spec GTI, but was on Euro spec GTI.
  14. Ah, learn something new every day, thought it seemed badly engineered at the time, faith restored By comparsion disassembling the lock barrel is easy.
  15. Fuel cap strap is straight forward, the strap is attached to the cap by a large flat donut which fits in a groove on the cap, insert a small flat head screwdriver between grrove and donut and ease donut out of groove working your way around cap. Pouring some hot water over the cap makes things a bit easier. Other end of strap is held to fuel box with a push fit peg. VW don't sell the straps seperately so you have to source a cap and good strap off ebay, with several sources in the VAG range, Lupo, Fabia etc.
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