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  1. So, having conveinently forgotton the Lupo when the Up Gti was launched, they're now very protective of it 🤨🤨🤨
  2. Leaving Milton Keynes on the A421 on Saturday, Black Gti coming towards me, being rare they really stand out ..... Anyone on here?
  3. The bolts have a sleeve around them, they're pennies from the dealer; mine were split and letting water through into tailgate and then leaking out of drain holes into boot. Put a new brake light in as well, the seals ok but watch how its assembled, I had some badly assembled fixing washers that had been put between the light and the spoiler which caused a gap between the seal and spoiler and allowed water into light. The washers are meant to be under the fixing nuts - they're small watch you don't loose them
  4. If you've a GTI try the spoiler and its mounting bolts. Took a while to figure out my leak until I stripped it and rebuilt it also clear siliconed all the spoiler to body points. Hasn't leaked since.
  5. kt_lou_gti

    My new car

    Good colour that, red trim always went pink over time so I stopped replacing it
  6. Mine arrived Friday, thanks 👍
  7. Will Paypal money when I get home for 2 x Silver😊
  8. Great news, as an aside Silvers the most popular with Red & Blue being rare .....
  9. Found these for GTI, gives some idea of locations.
  10. Had exactly these symptoms on a 1.4 Polo, could be temperature sensor which has 2 circuits; one for gauge and one for ECU. Cold starts aren't a problem as the sensors tells the ECU to richen the mix, hot starts the sensor 'sees' a cold engine and gives the ECU the wrong information and hence a poor start, this was always accompanied with a strong smell of fuel and was intermittent as the sensor didn't fail completely. The longer the engine was stopped the less likely the problem. Changed the sensor and cured the problem.
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