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  1. We have a bit of a cold snap going here, second morning at this temperature and they are promising us at least one more day before it moderates. Franklin is running just fine but Sandra snapped off the plastic handle for the bonnet release. Bummer - cold + plastic, not that compatible. Then the hydraulic lift cylinder for the hatch gave up the ghost, common failure at this temperature and considering it is original from 2002 I guess we could have expected that. The second picture was sent to me by my son-in-law, enjoy!
  2. Don't you just love that confidence? 😣
  3. Two hours on the road this morning and nothing - nadda - zippo! Found the plug and brought up the codes - nothing there and nothing in history either. SO - drive it I guess, can't fix what's not broken.
  4. Thanks! Just a huge lack of power was the only symptom but it's normal again. We have a 2 hour drive this morning so I will take the code reader with us and we will see what happens.
  5. oprn

    Hi From Japan

    What was the out come here? Just curious... I have a '92 2 door Jetta here, love it! Way better car than all the newer ones we have had and still have. It's still pretty good on the outside but crawl underneath an look up - ooo - plenty of swelled seams! Mother nature is taking her down, dirty rotten shame that! It's the one with the flames and boot spoiler behind the Forester. The other one behind it is a '89 parts car, also a 2 door. '92
  6. Franklin pulled a trick the other day. My son was going to take him for a few weeks while I sorted out some deficiencies on his Gulf. Well Franklin would have none of it and threw a fit on the way out of the yard. "TPC"! Limp mode, no power. Back he came and loaded everything in the Jetta and took it. I tried Franklin out - TPC - would not go away. By the way, are these cars ODBII compatible? I could not find a plug... That was last Sunday. Today we needed to take his Gulf 9 hours round trip to the guy I trust that does all my technical TDI work, wanted to take Franklin but had not had time to check him out further so took the Subaru - waste of gas - oh well... Got home early enough to have a go at Franklin and guess what? THE BUGGER RUNS PERFECT!!! No codes, lots of power! What the heck?!
  7. Supposedly the auto box was service by the guy that did the inspection so yes considering the quality of his other work it would be good to do it again. Franklin is back to his old smooth running self the Missus tells me! I will have a look for that relay.
  8. Aha! Yes it could be a wasted spark type ignition system. Interesting as I just fitted a Ford EDIS 4 wasted spark system to our air cooled engine in the Buggy. I have no idea if these plugs are standard fitment or not and no one this side of the big pond is likely to know either. I was very surprised to find them in town and in stock but they were pretty expensive! I started it up last night after putting the plugs in and no missing at idle. I will try it again this morning when it is colder. The worst missing was first thing in the morning at idle. Franklin is running very well really. Twice in the last year the engine shut off on the road for no apparent reason but started again immediately. Happened many months apart so until it shuts down totally I will not find the problem. Not too worried about it though. Three times last winter the rear brake drums froze over night after a thaw and wet roads during the day. I think the fix for that is to not use the E brake in those conditions. Still loving it as far as mileage and being very comfortable to drive and ride in. Amazing amount of room inside for such a small car. More room for me in the front seats than our newer Jettas with thier pregnant dash and overstuffed looking door pads! I find the auto gearbox to be an irritant, I just feel like I should be doing something rather than just sitting there. Unemployed feeling so to speak - not used to that yet, I have worked my own gears all my life!
  9. So it turns out that the first two at the timing belt end looked like the one I posted earlier. the other two looked like this. I'm thinking those ones were the ones not firing properly and that is why they are dark in color.
  10. I tried your link to see if there is a hotter plug made in that part number and nothing came up. Maybe just don't know how to work it. This is what the new ones look like.
  11. I like the anti-seize options like coppercote. Won't hydraulic.
  12. I have heard that a gap that is too wide puts extra stress on the coil.
  13. A bit rounded and a bit wide I think!
  14. Franklin has developed an intermitted miss! Mostly on start up and sometimes felt on the road. I suspect the plugs have done thier time (121,000Km) and need new ones. I pulled one out tonight and wow! What a gap! NGK M8XH 101000062AB R1 PZFR5D not sure how much of this number is needed. Wish me luck in finding new ones, it could be another adventure...
  15. True Torque = wrench reading - friction. Anything you can do to decrease the friction will get you closer to the true torque value. Dry, sticky or rusty threads will never be at the proper torque. There should never be a dry thread in your life, lube or Loctite! Ask your local aircraft maintenance engineer.
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