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  1. oprn

    Lupo roof rack

    Ok, right! That looks workable. Thanks!
  2. oprn

    Lupo roof rack

    Thanks! I wonder what they fastened to as these cars have not got drip rails. We would like to put a canoe up there.
  3. oprn

    Lupo roof rack

    Apparently not.
  4. I'm wondering if VW ever marketed a roof rack for the Lupo. I suspect if they did it would have shown up in your country.
  5. oprn


    Just give it to me then your worries are over! Seriously though, I have bought and sold a lot of cars over the years and unless you make it a serious business, most automotive purchases are not profitable. Of late I just buy what I want to drive and mile it out. I'm an end user now, I don't even worry about "Is it worth fixing this or that? The car is only worth $XXX!" Nope! If the body is good and I enjoy driving it - I fix it - mileage or resale value be dammed! For instance the wife's Forester needed a clutch at 130,000, was due for a timing belt and few other odds and ends that we had put off. It's a 2000 so 18 years old and worth $2500 to $3000 tops. I didn't have time to do it and took it in to be done. "The car isn't worth it." I'm told "Too old." "Fix it!" I told him and he did. Cost me just shy of $4000. Was it worth it? Ya! It has Zero rust, as in not even a tiny bit - anywhere, top side or bottom. My cousin has one, still driving it at 500,000km, original drivetrain, never touched! So I got me a car in perfect working order for $4000, totally rust free with the potential to last another 370,000km. Nothing wrong with that! Oh and it's the 246hp turbo version too! 🤩
  6. He put 771grams of R134a in it. Only once in the last 20 years have I seen the temperature go over 40 here. Mid 30s is usually the hottest we get and it's a dry heat so not so bad.
  7. The Lupo AC is working again! Success! 😊
  8. Now I believe that due to how badly burnt the clutch coil was there is a possibility there is a bad fuse somewhere. The ones on top the battery look good, I pulled a couple from the panel in the parcel shelf but they look fine. Just have the symbols to go by as the owner's manual is in Japanese too. Anyone know which fuse it is? 26 was my best guess and it looks fine. I could pull them all one at a time I suppose...
  9. Is this the sticker?
  10. Good gal ain't she? Right on her game with all the latest and best info! 😉
  11. A question I have been asked is how much oil and what oil type should be in the compressor? The people I am talking to think they will just look it up but they don't realize yet that there are no listings in any data base for anything on these cars here.
  12. The clutch was pretty rusty but I cleaned it up and think it will be ok. The compressor is back in the car now and just need to recharge the system.
  13. I made the decision to go with the original AC compressor, not that the used one would not work, it's just that the original is tighter and not many miles on it. I changed over the coil and clutch.
  14. My hands and the kitchen now have a very distinctive cow dung smell. I think I know were this part was stored! 🤣 Looking in the connecting ports all seems clean and fresh so I suspect the issues are purely cosmetic.
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