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  1. Thanks! The clown who did the import inspection did some fast talking about the headlights being illegal in Canada and he changed them so I am not too sure what I have. I do know that the light pattern on the road is poor and doesn't reach out very far. This is the first time the air filter has been changed. Up until now no one has been able to locate a new one on this side of the big pond. I don't have any doubts about the condition of the engine as it has never used any oil between changes. I will re-direct the offending hose as you suggested. The cam belts were changed when we fir
  2. Now I have more questions for you fellows. First off, I found this hiding under the bonnet. Is it not some kind of aftermarket headlight conversion? Secondly, when I changed the air filter there seemed to be quite a but of engine oil blown into the filter box. Normal? Yes? No? A final one, how often should the timing belts be replaced? Thanks again for considering my questions!
  3. Woo Hoo! Parts showed up for Franklin! Now to put some of them in.
  4. About as much fun as you can have in a car with your clothes on! 😄
  5. Last year one of the young folks went to the big city to get driving lessons before she got her driver's permit. Her Dad asked her afterwards if the trip to the city for 3 days of lessons was worth it. "Not really, " she said " I learned more at the ice races." That is the kind of unsolicited feed back that makes this event worth the time and effort!
  6. The ladies did a great chilli, buns and salad spread with donuts, cinnamon buns and fruit salad for afters. Then there was some foot stomping fast paced fiddle music. We neglected to get a group shot until most of the crowd was already in the house.
  7. Oh ya! Great time, kids just didn't want to quit and the adults were in there driving too. The trophies consisted of DIY pop bottle and rattle can affairs, one for lowest average lap time and one for most out of control.
  8. Just a few pictures of the company he was running with. Just for interest, after the race we polled the timers and drivers for what they felt was the fastest cars out there. #1) the red Golf sport wagon. #2) a Toyota RAV 4 #3) silver '02 Gulf TDI. The American built 4X4 pickups did not do that well, lots of snow in the air and noise but not so much go! The surprise for everyone was the work truck pulling the trailer that only made one run. He was just a few seconds short of the fastest time of the day!
  9. Just thought you people might get a kick out of these pictures. We took Franklin to our ice races. Every year we hold ice racing (4th annual Muskrat 500)for the new drivers in our family, friends and neighbors homes. The idea is to get the young folks to try every different type of vehicle that they could drive on the roads and get familiar with how they handle on ice and snow. There seemed initially to be a bit of reluctance to try Franklin but once he got out there, there was no rest for him. He stacked up some pretty decent times too!
  10. I prefer to get my oil and air filters new thanks!
  11. Oh! And we need a new gas pressure strut to hold up the rear hatch. It failed on one of those - 40 days.
  12. I am thinking of making up an order of spares for Franklin, air filters, oil filters, timing belt - those sort of hard to find over here bits. Do you chaps have a recommendation on a vender in your neck of the woods that would be reasonable and helpful to someone from across the big pond? Also any obvious other high maintenance items come to mind? Thanks Merv!
  13. We have a bit of a cold snap going here, second morning at this temperature and they are promising us at least one more day before it moderates. Franklin is running just fine but Sandra snapped off the plastic handle for the bonnet release. Bummer - cold + plastic, not that compatible. Then the hydraulic lift cylinder for the hatch gave up the ghost, common failure at this temperature and considering it is original from 2002 I guess we could have expected that. The second picture was sent to me by my son-in-law, enjoy!
  14. Don't you just love that confidence? 😣
  15. Two hours on the road this morning and nothing - nadda - zippo! Found the plug and brought up the codes - nothing there and nothing in history either. SO - drive it I guess, can't fix what's not broken.
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