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Lupo GTi breaking - M12UPO


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ok, but i have find right side from polo 6n2, and now need only left side. can you tell how much?and there is no doubt that his fists and Polo 6n2 Lupo gti different. you can picture after removal?

Will let you know once removed

Hi do you have the headlight washer available? Please see link for the part I need. Many thanks


I'm selling the washers as a complete pair

Hi, How much for the rear axle? If you'd rather sell the calipers separately just the axle would be fine. Thanks, Jon

Think it's sold already once removed

Just wanted say that i picked up some parts from Jambro over the weekend and he seems like a genuinely nice bloke. Not had the parts fitted yet (at garage being tested/installed) but externally they seemed in good condition.

Cheers for the good feedback! Hope you get your car sorted!

Do you still have the exhaust?

Yeh, I've now had a chance to check what the setup is - the front downpipe section has had the cat removed and a straight section welded in place. There is a fairly new looking centre section with silencer. And a Powerflow stainless rear section with twin pipes. It looks like its all be welded together as it's a custom setup, but I can cut it neatly so it can be reconnected with sleeve clamps.

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Do you still have switches for heated seats? if so, how much posted to Denmark? need both ones if possible

Sold already

Do you still have the complete rear axle with arb?

Provisionally sold

How much would you sell the washers system for? The headlight ones that is

Sold already

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do you still have the G60 brakes? and would you be willing to post to Northern Ireland?

Edit - also the wheel hubs

Yeh still got g60 brakes and the wheel hubs, make me an offer

Are the front wiper arms available, If they are would they fit a std lupo 1.4?

Sold already

Assuming the front bumper (upper and lower) is sold / not for sale / **** condition?

Yep available, needs repair and respray but not majorly damaged

Are the interior door handles the gloss black finish and if so how much?

Sold already

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