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  1. Hi mate, have you still got the engine cover? and sunglasses holder (if it has one) thanks
  2. I PM'd you a couple days ago but had no reply mate?
  3. Selling my schmidt Th-lines, they are 14x8 et18 all round, come with nearly new falkens tyres worth around £300 alone. These wheels have gloss black powder coated centres and barrels, and chrome powdered lips, when I built them I put all new bolts on and shortened bbs valves as well. They are not in perfect condition, a couple light kerb marks, on powder coat only not on the wheels themselves Looking for around £700 Located in Fife, Scotland but willing to courier them at buyers expense.
  4. Skezza, I have no idea haha I don't really see why not though hahah oh well, if it's not then i'll just have to get a dodgy MOT hahah
  5. Well spotted Adam my indicators are in the fogs
  6. The yellow Keepitclean one is mine and yeh that honda is on bags
  7. A yellow lupo as well!! Well in that case I need to welcome you to the prestigious Yellow lupo club! looks nice, smooth bumper already good effort! looks really good though buddy! congrats!
  8. I got mine for about 250 and it was brand new at the time, from CarAudioSecurity's ebay shop, think they're slightly cheaper now but i would recommend it 100%
  9. Let me be the first to welcome you to the forum dude! I'm sure there will be plenty people on here to help you out with any issues, and no doubt there'll already be something on here that will help solve them too!! Get some pics up
  10. i had the same pushing out issue with mine, i solved it by cutting off the back part of the bit that the cage goes into, if that makes sense? i also removed the panel underneath and tucked all the wires away from there then put it back on. sorry if i haven't described it well but just ask and i'll try to go into more detail
  11. Another member of the small but always high class yellow lupo club! welcome! looking forward to seeing what you do, unless you change from yellow, in which case, it better be good!
  12. not the best picture in the world but you can get a good idea, the 4021BT is very similar and is slightly cheaper as well if you're on a budget
  13. I have a kenwood 4023BT, it's a really good double din headunit for the the money, has bluetooth, ipod connection etc and displays all the info on it, including cover art! you can go through playlists etc too, it came with everything i needed to fit it and works great, sits flush with the dash too so looks nice would recommend one, don't go for a cheap ebay job from a random make, though functional the sound quality and user interface is never as good, after installing the kenwood i don't even feel i need to upgrade the speakers as it makes them sound a lot better.
  14. did the fading polish out mate? also...stripes?
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