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  1. If I'm honest Pete, I agree. 20 year old me thought it was a great idea The word 'rice' springs to mind
  2. Well it's been a while! I am no longer a vag owner and own a e91 330d touring. Which I found out is pretty shoddy in the snow but pulls like a train in the dry! Anyway; I can safely say the car is in the worst state it's ever been, ruined by the new owner. Many years of maintenance and love has been undone over the period of about 6 months and it's been left to fester in a garden.. She still runs and drives but it's been totally ruined. All I can say is, what a ****! It is fortunately being saved by someone though and it will be back at shows and hopefully winning them! Anyway, here's the last photo I took of it before it was butchered: keep an eye out for it in the future! Ollie.
  3. its coming along so well, the whole 'race car' idea I had is shaping up decent if she doesn't sell in the next few weeks it will be garaged and made quicker I may take it off the road completely but I'll figure it out nearer to the time.
  4. thanks for your help mate, I got it done
  5. Re trims are the thing to do these days. This is my old interior: then I realised I was happier driving my car not parking at shows all the time so I got this: just tidy up what you already have, maybe get a gti binnicle. If you can afford a re trim you could get some different seats and make subframes. I payed around £250 for 2 Porsche tombstones and just fabricated runners.
  6. Yes it's for sale yet again. Don't worry I'm fed up of seeing it for sale too. £3000 and that is cheap in my eyes. So no, I won't do it for £100 and your corsa b Up for grabs is my much loved Vw lupo gti I bought the car in September 2014 and loved every minute. very nippy and great fun to drive! The mileage is 130k but will rise slightly due to daily use 6 speed box aluminum wings and bonnet no a/c model full service history xenons 2 keps with central locking Mot until December 4 bridgestone re040 tyres with roughly 5mm on In my ownership i have changed almost every front suspension component to make the car feel tight and hold the road well, so there is no worry of needing to change these any time soon. Mods: Oz racing rallye wheels, which are a mag/alloy composite. 7-15 4x98 with wobble bolts, fairly hard to get hold of these. 25mm rear spacers Cambridge edition rear lights ap coilovers with eibach front camber bolts running roughly 1 degree either side. whiteline rear arb - a real must have on a gti private plate is included with standard size and shortened audi r8 oil cap de-wipered rear mk1 focus rs splitter powerflow straight through system BMC CDA carbon airbox Vw sharan rear badge Interior: sparco pro 2000 bucket seats with trs silver harnesses tim and tom red door cards omp 300mm steering wheel with snap off boss 8 speaker surround system kenwood touch screen headunit i had the car dynoed before any mods and it ran 133bhp so with the added engine mods its roughly 139ish with the weight saving the car weighs around 890 kg so it doesnt hang around. Few bad points: the front wheel bearing/wheel speed sensor needs replacing as its playing with the ABS causing the abs light to come on sometimes. the rad needs replacing- has rad seal in it a few creaks from the suspension but this is due to the car being quite stiff, it feels very planted when driving. a few very small rust patches small paint crack where i hit a rabbit the price is to sell so no negotiations. i will swap for a diesel of some description or px. there used to be spaces between parts of the ad but apparently that's not happening now. Thanks ebay??
  7. I finally got my buckets in i also put on a powerflow cat back
  8. Thanks dude; looked through your photo bucket and did the same as you; both seats are now in so a big thanks!
  9. I have 2 sparco pro2000 sidemount seats and I was wondering how others have mounted buckets into their car? I've come across people using omp subframes and modifying them and others who have made ghetto mounts for seats. The best ones I've found are from a company called GSM performance so if anyone has had any experience with the GSM mounts before it would be great. Thanks!
  10. I was always under the impression black spots were piston rings I have a straight through with a power flow back box and get no carbon deposits on the back of the car
  11. I fitted my bmc today; I did cut up my engine cover but it's only tempory I decided to get tattooed so I can't afford much right now. Let me know what you think!~~~
  12. I'm not too mechanically sound when it comes to electrics but I'd say a jump of 20a is asking for a crispy engine.. probably best to replace parts like for like.
  13. Lovely looking car. You're in the right ballpark at 4.5- its just finding the right buyer to be honest and finding someone who will pay what it's worth
  14. I saw you were the newest member and I hoped your name would coincide with what you're planning good luck with it!
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