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  1. Nathan94

    slammed lupo

    I've had a silly low Arosa and ran my GTI too low, as long as you're vigilant, the sump will be fine.
  2. Nathan94

    100k miles

    My GTI is on 155k 😂
  3. Nathan94

    New member Lupo GTI owner

  4. Nathan94

    Lupo GTI saved from the scrap yard

    Much agreed, my Moon Silver had KWs, a BMC CDA and that was it and I didn't feel it needed anything more
  5. Nathan94

    Lupo GTI saved from the scrap yard

    Watched this the other day and was a good watch. You've done basically what I want to do to mine, sadly my virtually stock Moon Silver was written off, but I'm picking up a former show queen this weekend and bar a few subtle mods (coilovers, new stereo, better brakes) hoping to get it as original as possible. I'm past all the 'scene' days now.
  6. Nathan94

    G60 Carriers - New

    Think the only difference may be is the G60 pads are little thicker due to the discs being slightly thinner. I may be wrong though!
  7. Nathan94

    G60 Carriers - New

    Sliders were included yeah and I'll get some more any in particular? need to fit them, but they look like the right ones!
  8. Hi All, Just thought I'd share this incase anyone is wanting to upgrade to 280mm brakes up front (Should apply to TDIs, 100HP 16v and GTI Models) As most of you probably know, all that's needed is new carriers, discs and pads to do the upgrade, the stock caliper is fine. Autodoc are currently stocking G60 carriers by Mapco for £24 a side plus postage, non OEM, but new compatible and seems less than some of the used carriers go for. Pics attached of part no and the carriers I received.
  9. Nathan94

    Looking for 1litre or 1.4tdi lupo

    How much are you after? 🤔
  10. Nathan94

    Hardwired Dashcam

    I have a DDpai mini and it's been geat, they're £34 on eBay for the 1080p model and £50 for the 1400p. Had it over a year now and occasionally view footage and have had no issues. It has no screen too, so it's small and compact.
  11. Nathan94

    Hardwired Dashcam

    So the black trim alongside the windscreen pops off and the wire fits behind there?
  12. Nathan94

    Hardwired Dashcam

    Hi, Looking to fit a hardwired dashcam to my GTI, this was much easier in my A3 as I hid the wiring behind the pillar. Has anyone done this in a Lupo and fullyhid the wiring, if so, any pics and tips? If not, does anyone know where the interior light loom runs? Thanks!
  13. Nathan94

    My Vw lupo OEM - One little surprise....

    I test drove one and the Lupo feels more special, the UP is good, I just felt somewhat underwhelmed and another thing, being 6foot 4, the seats sit too high for me. Other little things like rear drums, no one touch windows and no Xenon or LED headlights are annoying too given the price tag, but they are still quirky fun little cars.
  14. Nathan94

    My new car

    There should be a couple of little black nipples on one of the binnacles, hold these in and set the time!
  15. Nathan94

    GTI 3rd party Ball joints

    Sorry for the resurrection, but thanks for sharing! I've just received my two, left and right but they look identical even though left and right have different part numbers, can anyone confirm if the ball joints are exactly the same either side? I can't check at the moment as the car is in the shop till the end of Jan, so want to make sure it's right for when I get it back 😊

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