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  1. Do you have the wing mirrors? If so how much? Thanks
  2. Do you have the wing mirrors? If so how much? Thanks
  3. Do you have the wing mirrors? If so how much? Thanks
  4. Yeah they do look bigger dishes than mine, hopefully should be rebuilding mine to 8j rears and 7.5j front with a colour change for the centers! Yeah they're not standard caps, they are raised slightly and polished, really heavy too!
  5. Cheers buddy! Nah my arches aren't rolled, but yeah pretty sure they are et33 and they're 7j, think maybe its because i'm running 165/50 tyres so theres a nice bit of stretch to tuck them under my arches a bit more! Also yours look a little wider than mine, are your dishes 1.5" making them 7.5j by any chance?
  6. That may have been me! Yours are ALOT better condition than mine are tho!!
  7. Hey guys, i'm new around here so have a quick question...is there a minimum post count or any other requirements to post in the parts for sale section!? Thanks, Sam
  8. Pretty sure your thinking of this one mate, http://www.saxperience.com/forum/showthread.php?t=58433&highlight=plush&page=18 Car doesnt exist like that anymore tho, page 22 is whats become of it! Along with this one probably the only saxo's i've actually liked!
  9. Nice to see this cars still looking mint, remember the days when it was on Steffan BCW's down Leamington Spa! Aha If i didnt buy my GTI this would deffo be one to consider!
  10. Would you take £300 and i'll come pick them up!?
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