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  1. Greetings from Wolverhampton all. I've been reading a few posts from here the last week so I decided to sign up. Just bought my Lupo GTi last Sunday so I thought I'd share my loot. Imported from Japan, one owner from new, 60k on the clock. Pretty good find I think 😊 What do you guys reckon?
  2. Hello fellow VW lovers ? New member here, hope you are all living the dream... I'm a Mk4 golf owner and I know this is a lupo forum but I have a little 1.4 Axp engine and interested in the mods you do to the little engines here. Currently I'm working on my car, valve job, clean up, tappets, timing belt kit and just looking around because I have her opened up and curious on what you are doing here ☺
  3. Evening! New here but I've been using the site for about 2 years working on my Lupo 1.4E and my new Lupo 1.6 GTI. Thanks for the Add can't wait to see everyone's Lupo!
  4. Jamesnav7

    New Wheels!

    New snowflakes, what do you think? Also what other mods could I do that are reasonably cheap but give the car a completely different look, was thinking about getting some Genuine VW mudflaps and wind deflectors.
  5. Hi, just wanted to stop and say Hi to everyone. Recently got myself Lupo 1.4 16V 2001 and as you can imagine it will come up with some issues. So far I got the first issue with alternator not charging but will see what else may turn up. I did own a VW Beetle 1974 many years ago and the restoration toke me over 1 year but in the end was amazing. Anyway, this in the past and after saying goodbye to my Golf 2 years ago I decide now to take my chance on Lupo. Hopefully, I will find some cool knowledge and advice here. Many thanks Georgi
  6. Hello! I'm a newbie here. Bought my Lupo last week (a 1.0 E with 47k on the clock). The previous owner has painted the VW badge on the back with black chalkboard paint (cringe) and removed the Lupo name. I've ordered (and now have) a replacement silver VW badge from eBay and am planning to follow this video to remove the current one to replace it. I've also managed to source a Lupo name badge from eBay to stick back on. My issue is spacing, can anybody help with how I should space the letters out to look as original as possible? How far down from the window, how much space between letters etc... Cheers Keith
  7. TgLupo

    New Lupo

    Hey, I just joined the page along with my 1.0 VW Lupo 2000 reg. Hopefully will be posting the progress throughout the changes I make but it's my first car so there won;t be much done to it. But it is great to be part of such an amazing car community already. Thanks TG.
  8. Bing

    Hi from Luton

    Hello fellow VW owners, this is my first post so not sure if I'm doing this right! I bought myself a 2001 Lupo S 1.4 75bhp around xmas time 2014 and never realised there was an owners club for it. It's my first car and was the cheapest car to insure for me (still cost me £1800 to insure it with a telematics black box) so still not cheap! Love the car to bits even though it needs some bodywork (I'll post pics if you guys wanna see) and I think its got an ECU fault and it makes a weird gargling/murmuring/chugging sound when you start and idle it when its cold. Apart from that it runs a treat! Hope to meet the regulars and get stuck in! Kasim
  9. VW Lupo coolant cap for sale. Brand new sealed. £5 posted
  10. Hello, I'm looking to give my dashboard a small upgrade, so far i have started with replacing the radio that was stock with a Sony one. I'm looking to change my gear stick knob also and would like any links to some that yous think are good looking and comfy and if someone one could explain the process in replacing one that would be great also I'm also on the looking for the dials that control the heating and AC, if yous have any links to metal or chrome ones that would be great! And finally if yous have any suggestions on what I should do to the dashboard or interior please let me know Thank you David
  11. Hello all! New to ClubLupo so just thought id post in here, I got this beaut in October Here she is now after just a few months
  12. Hello all! New to ClubLupo so just thought id post in here, I got this beaut in October Here she is now after just a few months
  13. Hello everyone! Thought I'd say hi. I bought a lovely Lupo yesterday after my old car failed it's MOT. I've only had it a day and I'm so pleased with it. Such a beautiful funny little car
  14. WobLupo

    My Lupo!

    FIRST OF ALL! anyone going to VW All Types show next weekend?!?! Anyway.... Hello, im james i live in St.Asaph North Wales! (second smallest city in the uk) and i joined club lupo about a week ago just before i got my hands on my very own first car which is a soft blue 2001 1.0 lupo, i thoufght i should start a thread of some of the things i have done on my car and some of the things i want to do and maybe you guys can give me your opinions and ideas! Some pictures when i went to view the car! i instantly fell in love! i got in contact with the seller who is a machanic at toyota and thhis car had come in for a part ex, its only done 63,000 and he did a service for me when i brought it, putting on a new cambelt and 2 brand new falken tyres on the front aswel as a waterpump change and some other little things that needed doing to the car! he also did an MOT on the car so another thing i dont have to worry about for 12 months! As soon as i got the car home i had to start on the mods! as i am a little stratp for cash most the time i started with a few cheap mods like blacking badges, removing all factory stickers and de-wippering the car, i also got a stubby ariel and a new VW tax disk holder in the same colour as the car off ebay! Keeping the car clean at this time of year where i live is a very hard task as the rain and wind brings all sorts of crap off the trees and sticks to the car! i will be givving the car a good clean tomorrow though depending on the weather! also a picture of the car standard next to the car i was driving before! I will keep you all updated on my adventure of my little lupo! next up i think is wrapping some interior trim and also i want new wheels or going to spray mine black! depending on money! opinions welcome and any help also! Thanks James!
  15. Hi, my first car is a 1 litre Seat Arosa Mk2 in red, 02 reg with 110000 on the clock. I've been wondering how I can make it look better without throwing loads of money at it. Any ideas? Also I want a front grille centre piece without the S badge, any ideas where I will get one? Cheers.
  16. Morning all! I recently bought myself this lovely little loop, so this is my first post on here, and just wanted some advice on the first steps to take to improve the old girl! Well, here she is: Basically any advice on what modifications would look good? any and all opinions welcome! oh and what lowering springs would you lot recommend? as i cant afford coilovers for a long time and those arch gaps are awful!
  17. I'm new here so I was just going to introduce myself. I'm in the Peterborough area if anyone's seen my driving around, I've just bought a black seat arosa 1.4 16v sport as a first car. I'm here for inspiration for my car, I'm looking for mods I can do that won't affect my already crazy high priced insurance for young drivers. I'm looking to soon get a set of baby g60 steelies and then after my years no claims is done (touch wood) throw some coil overs on to get her low. This place seems pretty cool to communicate with people who are as passionate about there cars as I am.
  18. So here we gooooo Ive had club lupo for a while now but didnt have the the car, ive finally got my hands on a little 1.0 litre lupo which is currently ongoing a project. Im starting to buy detail for the car getting the little touches to suit me. Im currently waiting for my coilovers to be delivered so i can finally put my little lilly on her ass!! Ill start uploading photos soon but thought i should just introduce myself to the lupo world!!! Thanks for reading guys!!
  19. right guys last august i got my first car a 1.0mpi Lupo got it for the silly price of £420 this is how i got her 15" nasty alloys and 55-60 mm lowering springs and nasty little wing mirrors so i got bored of how chavy it looked with the 15" multi fit alloys made it look then ended up with 5 sets of 13" steel wheels after a fight with a badger i had to buy a new lower bumper, rad, rad fan and slam panel (lower bumper was from a lupo sport so had fogs and was colour coded) other than getting the fogs working the pic below is how i sold her !!! sold it for £800 !!! i got my new car last month bought it after a friend sent me a link over facebook as i had been talking to them about my shopping list of things i wanted in my new car. Dark blue MK2 Arosa Sport with less than 75k miles for less than £1500 less than 6 owners as standard as possible (you wouldn't believe how rare they are) so this is the car i got Dark blue MK2 arosa sport with 73,600 miles 5 previous owners standard other than some nasty hellfrauds wheels and a de badged grill and all this for well within my budget so after having the car for 5 days i spotted a set of month old coillovers on a facebook page for just £80!!! so when my friend asked me to go with him to London for some sound stuff for his car i hitched a lift and stopped off on the way back for my coillovers (lucky friend found a mk1 arosa boot in the blokes shed and got it for silly cheep and a little bonus there was an MS design spoiler bolted on it) so when i had a week off work i put them on and borrowed my mates BMW E30 BBS 14" 6.5j with 165.60.14's on and with a little bit of playing with the front and with a bit of camber I managed to get the tyre past the arch on the front and wind them all the way down I have more plans for the car so il try and keep you posted HID's next week and more lows very soon thanks for reading if you see me around or at a show give us a wave (i will be on club stand with Lincs.V.A.G for a few shows)
  20. New Driver - 1L 'Jazz Blue' Lupo called Larry. Any advice?
  21. Hi all! Purchased my 1st Lupo at the start of this week. After working for VW for a while, I jumped at the chance when I saw a Lupo for sale in my area and snapped it up. Immaculate condition for an 02 plate. I am over the moon with my purchase. There are a few things I would like to change though. More for convenience than anything else and was wondering if anyone could advise. I have manual locking. I have to unlock both doors automatically, I would like to upgrade this to central locking and after having a look about the internet have found some universal central locking kits. I was wondering if anyone had used these and how they found it. Although I have mechanical knowledge, I am hopeless at electrics and don't want to fit anything that may cause me electrical problems. I now work for Mitsubishi so I would be looking at fitting the kit myself. Also electric windows. Anyone any idea about changing these from manual. If it can't be done or if it is going to cause problems and high bills to rectify, I will be more than happy to leave it. As I said, it is more for convenience than anything else. Thanks Dani
  22. Hi everyone! Im new on the Dub scene and also this forum! I had a 206 for my first car but it got written off so i got told to buy a VW and i think Lupo's are pretty cute So here it is when i first bought it, it's a little 1L as im still on my first years insurance! I took my friend with me to get his opinion of it and by the looks of that photo he liked it too! I've started with the little mods first so i sprayed my badge pink and black! I also love hello kitty as you can tell by the seats.. It's got a pretty loud exhaust as well! Im not so sure if i want to keep it or not tho. It had a problem with the drivers side door not locking from the outside using the key so we set about adding central locking that i got from a carboot for £10 and its hawks! I don't know if you can see me but im right at the top of the street and the signal is amazing! I could still lock and unlock my car from that distance! Please ignore the corsa's.. this is a friends house Some chav couldnt help themselves and pulled my sidestrips off so i had to try and get that all cleaned up! Here's me part way through spraying my rear badge! And this is the end product! My future plans are: Audi TT leather seats Cades Eros Pink alloys Coilovers Tint the rear window to match the rear two windows Pressed Plates HID's Maybe Flock my alloys Pink suede interior Pink Center console Double DIN headunit Subwoofer Pink Tinted indicators and side repeaters Any C&C would be appreciated
  23. Hey guys I recently lowered my cars on TA Technix coilovers and after having them for two days they have already started chewing through tyres. I think it might be because of the profile on my tyres which are 65, but not sure is the strut was put on properly. So I may end up buying new wheels and lower profile tyres. Thanks Ben
  24. Hi all, I picked up a Soft Blue Lupo 1.4s today, I have always loved them (and my MINIs) so chuffed that I now have one of each. As soon as I got in I ordered some 15" black gloss wolfrace slot mags which I have been internet stalking for a while, a black mesh grill and the obligatory richbrook tax disc holder in Monaco blue. It's only day one but loving being a Lupo owner already Looking forward to learning all about your Lupos!!
  25. hey guys I have always wanted a Lupo gti since I can remember and on the 15th of December I got lucy! few cosmetic issues but I love her best decision I made. picture to follow
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