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    Lupo 1.4 75bhp (stock)
  1. Thanks guys wow so helpful! I'll try cleaning the throttle body (with help) and repprt back. Thanks alot Lupo-ers!
  2. Hi all, I have a problem with my 2001 (51, petrol auto) Lupo where it starts to judder/vibrate/shake/stutter after about 20 seconds of idling on a cold engine. It keeps stuttering for about 1 minute before it stalls. I can stop it stalling by holding the RPM's at 1500-2000 until the engine warms up (3-4 minutes). It's annoying and happens every single morning even when it's not that cold outside. I've heard it might be: Coil Packs Air Intake Throttle Valve Spark Plugs Throttle Body I'm not technical *at all* and have been to local garages who have charged me £30 for an inspection and said "w
  3. Nice car man , looks really good in black
  4. Welcome man. Got some pics to share?
  5. 31,650 miles on an '01 here
  6. Bing

    Hi from Luton

    Hi Daniel. Haha thanks, any ideas about what to do with it first?
  7. Hi mate nice to hear from you
  8. Bing

    Hi from Luton

    Ouch patroddy! Cant imagine how that felt lol! I actually bought the car with all the dents it has (Cat C) because its got FSH and 31000 miles and only cost me £600! The marks were caused by the guys wife who I bought the car off xD
  9. Congrats man, love the wheels!
  10. Bing

    Hi from Luton

    Hi Dan I did an insurance quote at Adrian Flux and it was £2880, which is about £1000 more than I paid for the same cover. Thanks.
  11. Bing

    Hi from Luton

    Hey guys, thanks for the warm welcome @james_vw yeah I forgot to mention that the engine light is on and stays on all the time. I hope its nothing too bad, I might ask on another post. @patroddy thanks mate much appreciated I'll get pics up when I'm next at my PC Kasim
  12. Bing

    Hi from Luton

    Hello fellow VW owners, this is my first post so not sure if I'm doing this right! I bought myself a 2001 Lupo S 1.4 75bhp around xmas time 2014 and never realised there was an owners club for it. It's my first car and was the cheapest car to insure for me (still cost me £1800 to insure it with a telematics black box) so still not cheap! Love the car to bits even though it needs some bodywork (I'll post pics if you guys wanna see) and I think its got an ECU fault and it makes a weird gargling/murmuring/chugging sound when you start and idle it when its cold. Apart from that it runs a treat!
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