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  1. Tyres are all on 7mm, had them fitted when I bought the car. I worked for VW and know that they do occasionally have problems with power steering racks. Sadly I now work for Mitsubishi so if I get work carried out through work, I get a reduced labour rate, but I can't get reduced parts for genuine VW parts. Thinking I may be inclined to take out some extended VW warranty. I do a lot of mileage a day and the last thing I want is for my steering to go completely, especially with the bad weather setting in.
  2. I have noticed sometimes on my lupo that my steering will become very light. This morning whilst taking a very sharp corner I almost ended up on the other side of the road as when I tried to turn the wheel the opposite way it just flew round, something which has never happened to me before. Any ideas?
  3. danir

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    Erm, what?
  4. danir

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    Thanks, I will give them a look. Yeah, I live in Scotland so the windows would only be more convenient electric for when I have to get them up fast before the rain soaks my interior haha.
  5. I just purchased a 1l 2002 Lupo E. The car is in mint condition, but for convenience I would like to change my manual locks to central and my manual windows to electric. I have to unlock both my doors separately so don't know if that would matter. I have seen some universal central locking kits online, but I don't want to go messing with electrics if these kits are cheap and cause problems. I don't even know if it is possible to change the windows to electrical. Both of these changes would be for nothing more than convenince, so if it would cause me problems and potentially high bills to rect
  6. Hi all! Purchased my 1st Lupo at the start of this week. After working for VW for a while, I jumped at the chance when I saw a Lupo for sale in my area and snapped it up. Immaculate condition for an 02 plate. I am over the moon with my purchase. There are a few things I would like to change though. More for convenience than anything else and was wondering if anyone could advise. I have manual locking. I have to unlock both doors automatically, I would like to upgrade this to central locking and after having a look about the internet have found some universal central locking kits. I was wonde
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