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  1. Dude. Your car is looking nuts, it's beautiful, there's soo much detail! How did you get the grill in the front bumper with the fog lights colour coded? Is that wrapped too? I love how it looks, much nicer than the plasticky matte black one mines got.
  2. I gave you a follow buddy my insta is @ashley_daniel! (With the arosa 16v)
  3. I'm new here so I was just going to introduce myself. I'm in the Peterborough area if anyone's seen my driving around, I've just bought a black seat arosa 1.4 16v sport as a first car. I'm here for inspiration for my car, I'm looking for mods I can do that won't affect my already crazy high priced insurance for young drivers. I'm looking to soon get a set of baby g60 steelies and then after my years no claims is done (touch wood) throw some coil overs on to get her low. This place seems pretty cool to communicate with people who are as passionate about there cars as I am.
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