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  1. Excellent! No it was a W reg one, looked very similar tho, prob from same event. I took a pic as I went past but I didn't want to upload it without permission
  2. I think this was Thursday on the M20 somewhere between Folkestone and Maidstone. Forgot to post it and I've been up and down the M20 a few times since! Is it you?
  3. Hello, congrats on your new Loop
  4. Morning Corrado was a beaut! Have you got any pics of your Lupo? Pete
  5. LUPPO

    Hey People!

    Love it! Howdy neighbour, I'm in Folkestone
  6. Only just seen this thread, love the coordinated wheels, looks excellent! Also LOVE the colour, I have a British Racing Green Cooper S and always get stick off of people, saying green cars are unlucky, grandaddy bla bla etc. I wanted a green Lupo but couldn't find one for the right price, am happy with my soft blue tho but after seeing this I want matching Porsche wheels!!! Can't get over how good the tele dials look in the green.
  7. Hehe I know I know! Prob wont be done for a few months tho tbh. Chuffed with the wheels - looks like a toy car
  8. It does indeed, I will get it lowered soonish. I started to take off grille and the indicator panel which is already damaged started to crack more so going to wait until I get a new indicator panel before I swap it. Really chuffed with the wheels tho
  9. Wheels and grille arrived today! Gonna get outside and get them on in a bit ??
  10. Cheers! Wheels were discontinued so now getting blue cades eros. Will put pics up when I get them on
  11. Did you get it done? Just bought a soft blue and would like to see pics if you went for it? Cheers Pete
  12. Hey, cheers, yer am living in Folkestone at mo but move to East London in August! Nice Lupo, do love it in black
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