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  1. TornadoGTi


    Hi all. Managed to de-wiper the loop today with fair ease. Only trouble I had was pulling the wiper from the rubber, (just needed a good tug) and them damn clips holding the electrical plug in the pump. Apart from that, fairly easy and looks alright. Filled the hole with a 25mm rubber grommet from halfrauds, with a future intent on getting a glass one.
  2. Nothing wrong with it as I'm aware of. Couldn't be happier with it.
  3. What things did you find wrong with it? I haven't found anything really.
  4. Fair play. Now that's a good find.
  5. Probably the same garage that sold them, he did say he had quite a few he has sold over the years. Who knows. I'm just happy I've got one 😁 Thanks! I don't think so, nothing I've came across yet, I'm expecting to find some yen or something down the side of the seats at some point. The manual was in Japanese but they have supplied me with an English one, there's some Japanese documents that came in the Japanese manual but I have no idea what they are lol I paid 6k
  6. Greetings from Wolverhampton all. I've been reading a few posts from here the last week so I decided to sign up. Just bought my Lupo GTi last Sunday so I thought I'd share my loot. Imported from Japan, one owner from new, 60k on the clock. Pretty good find I think 😊 What do you guys reckon?
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