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  1. try changing the engine temp sensor i was having problems like this changed ht leads and coil twice had a remap on the ecu and nothing changed the sensor now mine runs like a dream, hope this helps
  2. what problems are you having?
  3. Yeah got it from bmf its intermitten now though was constant :/
  4. Just a quick question .. I took it in for the tomong belt and it was juddering after that had a service full with coil and leads and its still juddering but not as much if anyone has any idea what it could be would be appreciated thanks
  5. Thanks yours is nice like the wheels goes well together
  6. no its been sprayed got it off a guy in Bridgend swapped my pug for it
  7. bit dark to take some atm lol
  8. hey guys I have always wanted a Lupo gti since I can remember and on the 15th of December I got lucy! few cosmetic issues but I love her best decision I made. picture to follow
  9. Hey i took my lupo in for the timing belt and when i got it back it was juddering while driving and idleing just had it back from a full service with leads and coil pack and it was driving lovely, turned it off and got back in again and the judder is back! Anyone got any ideas as i've changed what has been suggested? Thanks
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