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  1. but they took me alot to get the fitment how i wanted it :') 8 diffrent tyres nankang NS2 165/50/15 rear nankang AS1 165/45/15 front 2 sets of rear springs, standard ta technix, fk compressed 2 sets of hubcentric spacers for the rear, 16mm bolt through, 20mm bolt on best thing to do is try diffrent sizes on find out what you like
  2. alluline twists good luck finding a set though
  3. the keen eyed of you will have noticed something on my front and rear bumpers. on the bump strips i have hundreds of stickers each fitted one at a time (4 hours)
  4. tyre sizes are 165/45/15 on the front 165/50/15 on the rear suspension set up atm ta technix front coillovers with helpers out and no threads showing 5mm bumpstops (have compressed front springs for next year) ta technix rear shocks with fk street rear springs that have been compressed bumpstops cut flush with metal cap exhaust is lupo sport 4-1 manifold then 2" decat pipe to a standard center box then a small silencer box then exhaust tip no lambda sensors (loud as ****) and spits flame when im thrashing it
  5. alluline twist's / turbines / cups, not seen many sets 15x7 et 38 with 20mm rear spacers
  6. il donate pics of my arosa if you make a small batch ?
  7. depends on your driving style aswell as my arosa at 135mm lower scrapes like mad (expected) but when i had it at 100mm i could avoid nearly everything but my friend has scraped his lupo when it was at 60mm even at 135 i can get over wide speed bumps just not the thin little fookers
  8. iv had to cut mine down, new ones if you have it low will make it bounce like mad my fronts are about as thick as an iphone 5 and mine still bounces when going round a corner if im going fast my rears are cut flush with the metal surround IMO not worth replacing or ugrading them mate
  9. not posted one of mine for a while, this is her at her lowest to date :') she is a 2001 mk2 arosa 1.4 16v 100bhp sport current wheels are alluline twist's/cups/turbines (loads of names) they are 15x7 et38 running 20mm spacers and compressed fk springs on the rear running helpers out not threads left at front on TA Technix coillovers (next year i have a set of citroen c2 fk front springs comperssed to go in 3cm shorter than TA's) currently have a 2" notch and 20mm engine raised on engine side (plan on doing 30 or 40mm raise to each side over christmas) she had a reinforced subframe but a
  10. yehh so a week after gti fest was on my way to pick up some parts for a job i was doing when i had a few hard hits to the under side and about 3 miles down the road i noticed the blue smoke so i pulled over and this happened in 1min while i went to pick up parts :/ the next day was fun doing my sump in the rain on the road :')
  11. havent updated this for ever so il pop some pics in for you all to see how she ended up on the way back from winter gti fest when she was at her lowest (cost me a subframe for that trip as i hit a few cats eyes on the A1 )
  12. i have pop outs but no seals so cant fit them :/
  13. cant remember the grade but i have 2.5l of genuine stuff at work i got for my 1.0 but sold car before puting it in
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