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  1. What bulbs did you buy for interior? got a link? i brought some before off ebay but they were too small for interior light and only fitted numberplate bulbs.
  2. WobLupo

    Roof Bars

    how much are they mate?
  3. spotted a black lupo in my work in the plough car park, st asaph yesterday around 2pm, didnt get a proper look but was quite low and noticed the indicators had been wrapped in like a mesh, looked smart, if this is your car, looked good!
  4. what roof rack you got for it looking to get one for my lupo soon!
  5. how mcuh would you want for the rack, and what condition is it in? ive found someone who can make me two new pipes for £35 so think thats going to be my best option, thanks anyway bud!
  6. hi guys i need some urgent help!!!! the pipe that connects to the union on top of my power steering rack has split meaning fluid is just gushing out of it, my local garage has rang up local vw parts dealerships and as i have read on here you cant get the pipes separately, meaning id have to get a new rack costing me anywhere from £250-600, just wondering if anyone else has had this problem before and what they have done or if anyone is breaking a lupo and would like to send me the pipes i need! i live in north wales so anyone local would be idea for breaking parts but otherwise all help is wel
  7. WobLupo

    My Lupo!

    Not been on this thread for a few days! ah right okay, can i get one on ebay then yeah? to be honnest ive been contemplating just putting a standard back on it haha! St Asaph business park? and okay ill watch out for that! when it starts to go ill get a new one! or nce its driven me crazy!
  8. look spot on them mate! did you just give them a good clean sand them right down then rattlecan them? been thinking of doing mine, once i get the time and right weather!
  9. WobLupo

    My Lupo!

    yeah i realised what they are now so cheers guys! and how did you spot that or the ariel haha! to be honest im going to get a more exspencive one because the quality is ****, but what did i expect for £5! Yeah bumb strips is an option, just when ive got time and paitence to be bothered rubbing all that sticky **** off!
  10. WobLupo

    My Lupo!

    VW tax disk holder from ebay, does anyone know what that little mic thing is? ive got two one either side in the same place.
  11. WobLupo

    My Lupo!

    FIRST OF ALL! anyone going to VW All Types show next weekend?!?! Anyway.... Hello, im james i live in St.Asaph North Wales! (second smallest city in the uk) and i joined club lupo about a week ago just before i got my hands on my very own first car which is a soft blue 2001 1.0 lupo, i thoufght i should start a thread of some of the things i have done on my car and some of the things i want to do and maybe you guys can give me your opinions and ideas! Some pictures when i went to view the car! i instantly fell in love! i got in contact with the seller who is a machanic at toyota and thhis
  12. start from the top middle nearest the window wiper and get your fingers under it and pull, youve got to do it from the top because theres like 4 tabs that slot into the body work and you dont really want to snap them off if you can help it, then just work around the trim popping the clips out, dont be scared of pulling hard, in mosrt cases you wont snap the clips they will just pop out! i did mine yesterday, its not that hard.
  13. you going to be breaking the black one?
  14. if anyone is breaking a car or has a spare cup holder and cointray lying about let me know id like to buy one soon!
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