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  1. Just wonduring if I can fit lupo coilovers to my mk2 arosa
  2. Can you put the aerial back on and if so how?
  3. Ahh right thanks boys. Is taking the adjusters out on the back an easy enough job?
  4. Just wondering what mm would be considered slammed?
  5. I want to slam my arosa but don't know if the Jom coilovers will do it. The front can drop up to 100mm and the back 70mm. Will this be enough?
  6. What JOMs are they mate?
  7. Looking for some front and rear coilovers for my mk2 arosa. Don't want to pay too much. Based in North west but can travel or arrange postage. Thanks!
  8. Looking for new wheels for my arosa so let me know if you know of any for sale. Not quite sure what I'm after so open to any suggestions. Thanks!
  9. The badge doesn't pop out mate
  10. What about the Swat badge which is bevelled and like plastic coated
  11. How would I go about painting the centre caps for my arosa alloys? Cheers
  12. 07gillm

    Rim Protectors

    Looking to get some red rim protectors for my red arosa. You can buy the proper ones or just the tape that is cheaper. Has anyone used the tape and if so how does it work? Cheers. Not really bothered about protection, just want the red to show up.
  13. What should I use for the black trims and black plastic bumpers to get them shiny?
  14. Cheers guys, all sorted now. Not sure whether to wire the other reverse light in or not
  15. How did you clean up the inside handle trims or are they new?
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