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  1. You mean your mk4 mate? You could sell a 3 door mk4 easy. Just out of curiosity what mileage has it done and what year? If I put mine up for sale it would go for £1200ish once fixed and some vw alloys on it (2001 mk4 golf S three door 79000 miles clean body and interior)
  2. Cheers for the offer mate but I have a daily driver. The golf I have will be a nice smooth again, it was a friends and he looked after it really well. The only reason the belt snapped was because of a failed tensioner ? and it jammed up.
  3. That would be nice ☺ going to fix the axp engine and think about a engine swap in a year or two. I'm going to teach the Mrs to drive in it first ? I'm 33 this year with 10 years no claims so I'm spoilt for choice engine wise, plus the 1.4 engine would be sweet in a beach buggy ?. Yeah the mk4 is a heavy bugger. I do love the golf's, I had a mk2 all kitted up a while back and have regretted getting rid ever since.
  4. My plans are to put her on a diet once she is fixed. It would be cool to put a cooper s charger on it but it's a lot of work. That's way into the future anyway
  5. I'm sure you all know what's what and you're just being modest ? very interesting threads on here and a very good read. Here is my golf, got her for £100 with broken timing belt. About 3 to 5 hundred to get back on the road but worth it I think, she has only 79000ish on it and a three door is getting hard to find.
  6. Hello fellow VW lovers ? New member here, hope you are all living the dream... I'm a Mk4 golf owner and I know this is a lupo forum but I have a little 1.4 Axp engine and interested in the mods you do to the little engines here. Currently I'm working on my car, valve job, clean up, tappets, timing belt kit and just looking around because I have her opened up and curious on what you are doing here ☺
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