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  1. Cheers man! Yup did indeed, grayston conversion studs I think where the brand, just used a bit of loctite too to give a bit more piece of mind lol!
  2. Oh man the Borbets look so good
  3. Alright bit of an update! Been to two shows so far on my side of the water after getting some new shoes last minute for Dubshed. Then last weekend was at Lets Stance. Heres some of my favorite photos from both shows. Anyone got any ideas on what shows on the mainland I should head to? No idea what goes on when it comes to shows, so any suggestions would be great!
  4. Indeed Pete, looked up the vcds code and the only other thing they suggest is a fault with the ecu power. Which is why it would be great to know which pins are meant to have 12volts going into the polo ecu so I could double check yenno?
  5. Hi everyone, in the process of converting my 1.0litre to a 1.6 Gti engine out of a polo. Theres a fault code with the immobiliser coming up and the car starts up for a second then cuts out. VCDS says it's fault code 17978. Immobiliser in the key has been swapped and control unit and im using the polo dials so it's leaving me think there's a power fault with the ecu. Does anybody have a diagram which shows which ecu pins need 12 volts going into them? I have one for my lupo ecu from auto data but there's none for the gti polo. Any help would be much appreciated lads
  6. K&N typhoon, more for noise at this point but I don't doubt I may get this engine tuned later on. Theres a video on YouTube of a 6n2 gti driving by with one and it sounds deadly!
  7. Hello all in the process of converting my 1.0litre to an ARC 1.6 out of a gti polo I have the ecu pin diagrams for the lupo but can not for the life of me find a ecu pin diagram for the polo? Would help so much as I dont want to have to trace every wire lol. Cheers!
  8. Also some new parts arrived the other day. Once I have the engine running its on to the boot build.
  9. There basically just a big chunk cut out of the wheel well, the exhaust just continues from the last box at the side on round to the centre, was just the handiest way to do it at the time. Seen other people suggest cut the whole wheel well out and weld in a shallow one from a gti or sport which would probably be a lot neater and would mean less bends for the exhaust. Just replied to you about them arches Cough!
  10. Could have indeed Pete, but the bearings and whole setup on my old struts where absolute gash... Guess that's what I get for buying cheap!
  11. I feel ya, my wee loop was black before i wrapped it! They aren't too hard to find on ebay.de if I remember thats where I got mine, in black and all
  12. Damn this car is so clean! What about the getting the mirrors to match sizes? Only really noticed it there in that last photo, Other than that looks amazing! Top job!
  13. Alrighty folks bit of an update here. In the process of throwing in a 1.6 GTI Polo lump into this little thing. So here is the engine I found, only just over 50,000 miles on it! Its one of the older ARC engines from the polo gti's but don't think theres much difference in the two from what I know. Next thing I needed was all the other parts. Decided the handiest way was to get a complete polo gti. Found one on ebay with some serious cosmetic damage. But at only £300 I thought it was a complete steal with a freshly reconditioned gearbox. High mileage on the engine in it b
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