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  1. Thanks for the replies! I think that's it for the pink now to be honest! Unless I do my brakes.. But I'm not sure And like you say it's my car and I'm the only one who has to like it
  2. Hi all! I just thought i'd share with you what i got up to at the weekend! Well this is my Hello Kitty interior i got from Halfrauds.. I then bought some brand new curtains from a car boot for £2 & had an idea! Horrible, old roof lining! Hehe! The C Pillars had a few creases on them but i still love them! All finished! What do you think?!
  3. thanks for all the response! I know too much pink will look a bit silly, but I just love pink But yes, those wheels look so nice!
  4. Hi everyone! Im new on the Dub scene and also this forum! I had a 206 for my first car but it got written off so i got told to buy a VW and i think Lupo's are pretty cute So here it is when i first bought it, it's a little 1L as im still on my first years insurance! I took my friend with me to get his opinion of it and by the looks of that photo he liked it too! I've started with the little mods first so i sprayed my badge pink and black! I also love hello kitty as you can tell by the seats.. It's got a pretty loud exhaust as well! Im not so sure if i want to keep it or not tho.
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