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  1. Hello. Can anyone tell me how to replace the parking light bulb in the front of the Seat Arosa lift. I tried, but I can't get it out. And another question. To remove the front lamps I have to disassemble the bumper?
  2. Since I got my 1.0 2005 over a year ago, when the boot is opened the interior light does not come on and when opening the driver (RHD) door the light only illuminates when the door is partially latched (however is off when the door is either open or closed). However the Passenger side operates normally. Because it is both the drivers door and boot Idk if the issue is with the switches on each door or if it is likely to be more central? Has anyone got an ideas on what might be going on? Any feedback is much appreciated
  3. Hello fellas, I recently bought a 1.4 Lupo left hand drive and I've never heard an alert when I leave the lights on when doors open/key out of the ignition The inside roof light works as meant to be (turns on when key out of the ignition or any door open) but no alert is played when I leave mediums/presence light/maximums ON with ignition OFF/no key on it Any idea how to fix this? Since I have no idea if this has anything to do with the fuses, I'll post 2 pics of the fuse box (also, tell me if something is missing please) Thanks in advance!
  4. Cambridge Lights: Great condition, very little marks £56.99 ONO (sensible offers, worst I can do is say no!) Postage can be done for free. Paypal preferred, alternatively cash on collection- near Swindon. ADVERTISED ELSWHERE SO MAY SELL QUICK. Only selling as I’m selling my Lupo 1.4s soon which is almost reverted back to standard. Any questions about the lights or my upcoming sale of my Lupo with a 12 Month MOT, please feel free to ask
  5. The drivers side headlight and brakelight bulbs have gone and I wondered if there was a guide to changing them. I took a look at the Lupo headlight and there isn't much room there, and I can't see how to easily get to the bulb. I looked on here and there is a lot of talk of GTI and xenon, but that isn't really relevant to me. Is this something I can do? Do I need to unscrew the headlight to get to the bulb? How about for the brake light?
  6. as i no longer have my lupo various parts are now for sale as follows set of 4 bbs solitude 15 inch tyres us set of 4 195 45 15 tyres all good tread approx 5mm set of front doors dragon green complete set of front doors black rh front door in black bare rear tailgate flash red rear tailgate black off of gti gti top spoiler inc brake light set of golf mk1 gti alloys trantula's ???? lupo body kit, front spoiler and side skirts tdi sport wheels set of 4 genuine lupo dog guard front panel complete with indicators one in red one in bl
  7. Hello All, I have just bought a 1.4 TDI Lupo and i am in need of a wiring diagram so i can relocate the indicators from the fog lights on a GTI bumper to the side repeaters on the wings. the previous owner has really made a dogs ear of the wiring loom so could do with some help regarding this. Thanks
  8. I noticed all 3 of my brake lights have gone on my 2003 1.0 VW Lupo. So instantly thinking it's the switch. Have replaced the switch and they still don't work. Checked the fuse and they're fine. Just for good measure I replaced the bulbs and still don't work. What else could it be??? Can anyone help?
  9. Recently replaced the nearside sidelight and when I tested the new bulb it didn't work. Not a problem, I thought, I'll try another 501... that didn't work either. Turns out no other bulbs worked in that slot and the nearside taillight is now out and doesn't work when I replace that with a new bulb too?! Any idea as to the cause and solution? I'm stumped. The brake light and headlight still work as they should.
  10. Hi all I love the Lupo front end but I dislike the separate indicator light pods in the grill surround. Is there any way I can put these lights elsewhere and maybe remove the light pods from the panel? Many thanks ?
  11. Hello I am selling seat arosa fog/sport driving lights and grills, if your interested buy it from this link if your as it's my own ebay http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Seat-arosa-fog-lights-2001-to-2005-/252517995582?nav=SEARCH
  12. Sorry I'm new to this, I was wondering if anyone could share any info and help me out. I have recently brought a 1.4 lupo S with what I thought was a good spec list as I have never seen this all on one lupo, or even at all. List as follows, -pop out back windows -3 seats in the back instead of two - heated seats -easy access fold and lift seats -heated seats -cd multichanger -fog lights -electric Windows -air conditioning -sport alloys -stubby mirrors both sides if anyone can shine a light about if this is rare at all or if
  13. Hi, My Lupo 1.0 number plate lights dont work so i fitted some new bulbs to see if that was it and nothing. could there be a solution. thanks, Dom
  14. Hi everyone, so I have a problem with my number plate lights. Today I found they were not working so I went to halfords and bought a set of bulbs. Fitted them and still nothing. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
  15. Lupo rear lights for sale in good condition. need these gone asap. £35 posted
  16. Alternative title: the equally catchy "do it yourself light emitting diode chip on board daytime running lights". So, I wanted some nice daytime running lights for the front of my '99 Arosa. I did NOT, however, want to shell out upwards of £60 for a kit, plus I like to bugger about with stuff like this. I had a Google, did some reading, and [these] seemed to be just what I was looking for in a daytime running light. Low power consumption, aluminium body, insanely bright and reasonably priced. A year or so ago I used the older surface-mounted LED boards for this type of thing, my last project w
  17. In need of some Cambridge rear lights, preferably secondhand.
  18. After searching long and hard for information about this i have found surprisingly little, so here it is - Front fogs how to. Depending on what car you have this list will vary slightly. This how to was based on a Mk1 Arosa Item list Mk2 Arosa specific: Fog light grill left - 6H0853665BFog light grill right - 6H0853666B2 Pull interior light switch - 6H0941531EMk1 Arosa specific: Front bumper lower valance - 6H0805903A2 Pull interior light switch - 6K2941531TLupo specific: Front bumper lower valance - 6H0805903A 2 Pull interior light switch - 1C0941531A(The lower bumper is interchangeable be
  19. Just bought myself a little 03 plate gti which I love! Having some intermittent problems with the lights. Somtimes when I turn the sidelights or headlights on, the passenger sidelights and rear lights do not come on. and sometimes i can switcht them off and on again, they come back on but then sometimes they dont!! have checked both fuses and they are fine. any common faults? I have also a problem with my indicators on the passenger side, where sometimes when the pull the indicator for the left hand turn signal, it will not work unless i pull it a little bit down (almost like the connection is
  20. Hello people , quick question. Bought Cambridge lights and need to know how to remove the orange lenses (de-tango) them. Thanks in advance
  21. I'm thinking of fitting front fogs to my Mk1 'rosa and i've been looking through ETKA and it seems like the front bumper lower section part number is the same for both the Arosa Mk1 and the lupo, can anybody confirm that the lupo section with fogs would fit on a Mk1 bumper?
  22. Hi guys, been here a while now occasionally popping my head up and saying some stuff! I've been given some HID's, they're a H7 bulb with a kit and run at 2300V! And they're bright. Very bright. I was thinking of running them in my fog lights as the bulb for the main and dipped beam is different yada yada yada! I reckon they'll fit in the fogs! If not then ill have a play around what do u guys think? Matt
  23. Okay car is finally running, however, my headlight, front indicator and side repeater on the passenger side aren't working! The rear is okay and drivers side is fine. I've checked the fuses and that's okay, is there a relay or anything? I refuse to believe all 3 bulbs have gone! Lol
  24. Just picked up my new car which had previously had Cambridge edition rear lights, these were switched back to standard Arosa Mk2 lights for the sale, all the fuses were blown so i replaced them and they blew all over again. Different wiring. While rectifying the problem i found a load of spliced wires and it occurred to me that not many people know how to correctly swap connections in terminals so i decided to write up this little how to. Here goes: This is the spliced loom how i got it (bar pin 6 which i fixed before thinking about making a how to). If this mod was done the 'correct' way, it
  25. After a particularly aggresive pothole, we had no front or rear sidelight on the offside. Afrer the usual mucking about, worked out that the bulbs are fine, the fuses look fine and work in parking mode so we've hot wired across from the other circuit to keep legal. Anyone with circuit diagram? Or had anything similar? Hints please before we start delving behing the dash? Ta
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